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Can Eating Red Meat Cause Gout

Controlling Gout: 6 Foods To Avoid

Paul Mason8: Red meat does NOT cause gout! Eating low carb can reduce uric acid levels

May 18, 2017

Gout is a form of arthritis that happens when the uric acid levels in your blood get too high. Uric acid forms needle-like crystals in your joints. Commonly affected joints include your big toe, ankles, elbows, knees, wrists, and fingers.

Purine is a chemical in the body that is broken down into uric acid and then removed from the body through urine. Too much purine can lead to too much uric acid.

Though you cannot cure gout with diet changes, you can decrease the risk of gout flare-ups and long-term damage to your joints. Here are a few rules of a gout diet, including foods to avoid and foods to eat more of when you have gout.

Shellfish Crustacea And Mollusks

There are two groups of shellfish, crustacea and mollusks. Crustacea includes crabs, shrimp, crayfish and lobsters. Mollusks are oysters, clams, oysters, mussels, squid, scallops and snails.

Which shellfish group is higher gout risk? There is no big difference. A purine table from a 2014 Japanese study included a comprehensive list of different shellfish and seafood. It listed oysters, shrimp and certain squid with similar purine content.

The research also determined different species can have different purine concentrations. For example, a snow crab had more purines than a king crab.

Most of the medical experts recommend to limit the portions to an unfulfilling 4-6 ounces. An amount which most of us can easily eat more of if not aware.

Insight: Even after realizing different shellfish have different purine amounts, shellfish is still the most unpredictable food group to gauge gout for me. On some occasions, I would eat a small amount of crabs, and end up with a terrible flare up in my ankle. Then another time, I would eat about twice as calamari and not feel any symptoms. My uric acid level at the time may have been a factor, but he unpredictability made me reduce my shellfish intake. However, I learned to prepare myself when I want to satisfy a craving.

Nutritional Value Of Pork

Pork is an excellent source of thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin B6, and phosphorus. It also contains zinc and potassium. Loin cuts like pork tenderloin, sirloin pork chop, and sirloin pork roast are all excellent sources of lean protein. These cuts can be part of a healthy gout diet. Lean protein is also a good choice for people looking to lose or maintain weight for gout-related health reasons.

But pork can also be a significant source of unhealthy saturated fats and cholesterol. This is particularly true of fattier and highly processed cuts like pork belly, ribs, and sausages. Consuming these cuts makes it easy to exceed The American Heart Associations recommended daily intake of saturated fat . Processed meats are also known human carcinogens.

Pork is also a calorie-dense choice that can make maintaining a healthy weight challenging without proper portion control. Excess weight and obesity is a well-recognized risk factor for gout and gout attacks.

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Dark Circles Under The Eyes

Dark circles don’t just come from a poor night’s sleep. Apparently, not digesting meat properly can mess with your beauty regimen, too. “If you get dark cycles under your eyes after eating meat, especially the next day it’s a sign the meat has not been digested properly,”Liana Werner-Gray, nutritional expert and author of The Earth Diet and 10-Minute Recipes, tells Bustle. Allergies and food intolerances can lead to dark circles thanks to an increase of nasal congestion, Healthline reports. At the same time, dark circles can also be a sign of anemia, or a lack of iron in the blood, for which eating more red meat is often recommended. Itâs never a bad idea to consult your doctor if youâre concerned about your undereye circles.

My Beef With The Meat

Gout Diet: What To Eat And What Not to Eat [INFOGRAPHIC]
  • We are not eating any more meat now than we did 100 years ago.
  • Some cultures eating lots of meat, including 19th century Arctic peoples who lived on a diet of nearly 100% animal foods, did not develop gout. Gout is unknown in Eskimos and Northern Indians despite their purine-rich diet.1
  • Animal foods are higher in protein than plant foods. Proteins increase the elimination of purines in the urine, which can actually lower uric acid levels.
  • Some plant foods are rich in purines, including legumes, spinach, asparagus, and mushrooms .
  • Purines in the diet do not have much of an effect on uric acid levels, because most of the uric acid in the blood comes from inside the body, as part of everyday cell turnover: The purine content of the diet does not usually contribute more than 1 mg/dl to the serum urate concentration.2

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Purines The Root Cause Of Hyperuricemia

A purine is an organic compound usually found in the same foods that contain protein. To break down purines the liver must produce uric acid. When there is a large presence of purines, the liver tends to produce more uric acid than the kidneys can filter out of the body. Hyperuricemia is the condition when uric acid levels are above normal levels. The excess uric acid builds up at a joint and causes inflammation and pain, which are symptoms of gouty arthritis or gout.

How Is Gout Affected By Diet

Gout is a type of arthritis that is associated with elevated levels of uric acid in the blood. High levels of uric acid can cause crystals to form in the joints, causing pain and swelling. Uric acid is a normal waste product formed from the breakdown of food, particularly compounds called purines. It is believed that lowering uric acid levels through small changes in your diet may help reduce the chance of future gout attacks.

A healthy, balanced diet may help reduce the risk of gout attacks.

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Should I Drink Lots Of Water

Dehydration may be a risk factor for gout although this is not well proven in research. Drinking 1 1.5 litres of fluids a day is recommended for general health benefits. However if you are taking diuretics or have heart or kidney problems, talk to your doctor about the right amount of fluids for you to drink.

Ease Gout Flares By Hydrating

Does Eating A Lot Of Meat Cause Gout?

Staying hydrated is the most readily available means of managing gout. Hyperuricemia occurs when the blood has too much uric acid. A number of conditions and circumstances can cause this, including diseases and medications. Drinking water dilutes uric acid levels in the blood and flushes the organs. The more water consumed, the more uric acid excreted, decreasing the risk of urate crystals in the joints.

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Most Soy Should Be Fine

Soy foods like tofu, soy milk, and edamame have moderate amounts of purines. Traditionally doctors have cautioned against eating too much soy for people with gout. One study found that soybeans, soymilk, and soy powder increased uric acid in the blood significantly. However, larger population studies have recently told a different story. Several have reported that not only are soy products harmless for gout patients, but also people who eat more soy tend to have a reduced gout risk.

High Purine Vegetables Are Ok

Some vegetables and plant foods, such as peas, beans, lentils, spinach, mushrooms, oats, and cauliflower, are high in purines. However, several studies have shown that they do not increase the risk of gout.

In fact, the opposite seems to be true, with a vegetable-rich diet being associated with a lower risk of gout compared with the lower consumption of vegetables. Therefore, you do not need to limit or avoid any vegetables on a gout-friendly diet.

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Why Is Cafo Meat Bad For Gout

  • Concentrated Animal Feeding Organizations are large-scale cattle-raising facilities that are infamous for creating unhealthy, disease-ridden cows.
  • The prevalence of CAFOs as a source of the nations meat supply has dramatically affected the nutritional quality of most of the beef consumed in the U.S. today.
  • Prior to CAFOs, most cows ate grass while roaming the pasture. However, cows in an indoor CAFO are fed corn, not grass.
  • CAFO cows are prone to infections, and massive amounts of antibiotics are used to keep these cows alive. The antibiotics end up on your dinner plate, which will not help you win the war on gout.
  • Beef from corn-fed CAFO cows is high in omega-6 oils, which increase inflammation and gout pain.
  • Beef from grass-fed cows is high in omega-3 oils, which reduce inflammation and gout pain.
  • . . .

    Hi Bert,

    The remedy of BS and ACV worked immediately as you said it would. A steady diet of banana-blueberry smoothies, green tea and celery on Day 2 has kept the swelling down. Not sure what caused the flare up as we eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, lean beef, chicken and fish, and moderate alcohol use. Your theory of too much acid, possibly caused by stress, makes sense. Will try lemon-infused water to make my body more alkaline plus continue the bananas, celery and cherries. Other ideas welcome. The drugs the doctor prescribed were making me sick, so your remedy (other than the ACV ? was a welcome relief.


    . . .

    Needing To Drink Water A Lot

    Foods to Avoid With Gout

    Drinking water is a really easy way to improve your digestion â your body needs H2O to flush out the byproducts of processing your meals, a process your liver and kidneys do without much help. But meat is high in sodium, which can throw off your bodyâs natural balance of fluids if you have too much. If you find yourself reaching for your comically oversized water bottle after eating meat, it could be a sign that your body isnât having fun digesting that hamburger.

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    Foods You Can Eat In Moderation

    Aside from organ meats, game meats and certain fish, most meats can be consumed in moderation. You should limit yourself to 46 ounces of these a few times per week .

    They contain a moderate amount of purines, which is considered to be 100200 mg per 100 grams. Thus, eating too much of them may trigger a gout attack.

    • Meats: These include chicken, beef, pork and lamb.
    • Other fish: Fresh or canned salmon generally contains lower levels of purines than most other fish.

    Summary: Foods you should eat with gout include all fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, eggs and most beverages. Limit your consumption of non-organ meats and fish like salmon to servings of 46 ounces a few times weekly.

    Joint Pain After Eating Meat

    Roughly 30 percent of adults in the United States experienced joint pain or stiffness in 2006, according to a National Health Interview Survey. The most common cause is arthritis — the term for chronic joint inflammation. Although particular foods are not known to cause joint problems, your overall diet may contribute. If you suspect a correlation between meat and your joint symptoms, or if your symptoms are severe, seek guidance from your doctor.

    Video of the Day

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    Shellfish Must Be Avoided At All Cost

    Before anything else, I must mention that some type of sea animals must be avoided at all cost. This refers to seafood, lobsters, and shellfish in general. All of them are rich in purine, which will increase the levels of uric acid in your body which can mean only one thing. Your symptoms will get more severe or you will develop gout if you are a primary type of a gout sufferer.

    Not only that, these foods must be avoided, but they must not be an addition to a regular diet. As I have mentioned, they must be avoided at all cost, so dont even try to eat them despite the fact they are delicious. If it has a shell, it must be avoided.

    I personally like lobsters very much, but I must avoid them, sad truth. You will have to follow my directions if you are looking for a way to ease the symptoms and make gout bearable.

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    Does Red Meat Cause Gout

    Gout attack: can you prevent it?

    If you are a gout sufferer and you really want to eat red meat, you can. But, make sure that you eat no more than 115-170 grams or 4-6 ounces of red meat per week. You can prepare it with vegetables and drink only water after you are done eating.

    This obviously refers to red meat only. I must point out that organ meat and also fish do not comply with these facts. Organ meat and fish are loaded with purines and chemicals that you should avoid. This is especially the case with organ meat. It is loaded with toxins and It should be avoided at all costs.

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    The best types of red meat you can consume are poultry , pork and beef. If possible, limit your intake to poultry only. It is the best of the three and it contains fewer calories than any other meat type. Today I have explained all the links between gout and red meat. As you were able to see, yes, they can be mixed together, but in moderation and you will need to keep your eye on the amount of red meat you eat. Limit it as much if possible, or even better, dont eat it at all.

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    How Much Beef Is It Ok To Eat

    If you are having an active gout flare, you should avoid all foods with moderate and high levels of purines, including beef.

    If you are in-between gout attacks, and focused on gout prevention, it is safe to eat 4-6 ounces of organic, grass-fed beef a few times per week.

    + Bottom Line: A modest amount of organic, grass-fed beef is an excellent food to include in a natural gout treatment diet!

    Health Conditions And Treatments

    Certain drugs, health problems, and lifestyle choices can trigger gout, too.

    Medications. Aspirin, certain diuretics for high blood pressure , and drugs for people who had organ transplants can trigger gout. After a flare, go over all the medicines you take with your doctor. If needed, they should be able to find another option.

    Being overweight. When you slim down, you can protect yourself from another flare.

    Fasting or crash diets. If you lose weight too quickly or fast, you could raise your chances of an attack.

    High blood pressure, kidney disease, diabetes, and heart disease. These health conditions make you more likely to have gout, especially if you donât get treatment. Work with your doctor to keep them under control.

    Injuries or surgery. When your body is stressed or sick, youâre more likely to have a flare. Of course, you canât always avoid this trigger. But if you need to have an operation, make sure your doctor knows youâve had gout in the past.

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    Does Meat Affect Gout

    The purine level in meat can vary from one animal to another and from one part of the meat to another, making some meat a bit safe with gout and many others to be avoided completely. Meat may be a good source of protein which increases the elimination of purine in the body but there are some meats that are high in purine. This food will actually increase the purine formation in the body. Turkey and most red meat are considered unsafe with gout.

    Bad Body Odors & Breath

    List of Foods That Cause Gout

    Bad breath and body odor are both signs that your body isn’t digesting meat properly. If meat isn’t digested properly, the smelly odor can go back into the digestive system which eventually makes its way to the skin and breath,” explains Werner-Gray. She recommends takingdigestive enzymes to help break it down. A 2006 study published in Chemical Senses actually found that the body odor of non-meat eaters was regarded as more attractive than those who ate meat.

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    Gout Diet: Foods To Eat And Foods To Avoid With Gout

    If you have gout, you know how painful it can be. Odds are,youre stumbling around during a gout flareup because the condition probablyaffects your big toe. Such a little digit does a big job of helping you moveand balance yourself. Often, when your toe hurts, you can be prettysignificantly disabled.

    Gout is a form of arthritis that occurs whenyour body either makes too much uric acid or cant get rid of it. Sometimes thefoods you eat can influence whether your gout flares up. You dont want to makethings harder for your body, so it pays to know what to eat and what to avoid.

    This holiday season, treat your big toeand therest of your bodyright. Make sure to pass on high-purine foods and insteadpile your plate with foods that may reduce the likelihood of a gout attack.

    The Nutritional Value Of Chicken

    Unseasoned chicken is a low-sodium, sugar-and-starch-free, high-protein food choice that packs essential nutrients required for healthy metabolism, including antioxidant B vitamins and minerals like selenium and phosphorus. Unlike red meats, poultry, and particularly skinless, boneless chicken breast, has become a go-to animal protein for people looking to eat healthier, lose or maintain weight, and reduce their risk of disease.

    Weight maintenance is one of the most important lifestyle modifications for people with gout, and the obesity epidemic has even been blamed for the high prevalence of gout. People who have gout also need to reduce the amount of purines in their diet.

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