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Is Krill Oil Bad For Gout

Q: Will Krill Oil Help Arthritis

Krill Oil Benefits For Lower Cholesterol, Cure Diabetes and Arthritis Treatment

A: Studies show that krill oil helps combat inflammation and may help relieve the symptoms of arthritis. In one study, 30 percent of participants reported a reduction in joint pain. A double blind study conducted in Canada tested the effects of Neptune Krill Oil on arthritic symptoms. The results showed that a short treatment of 300 mg daily of NKO significantly reduces arthritic symptoms and prevents inflammation. However, we have seen no proof of this from our testing or from customer feedback. If you suffer from joint pain and take NSAIDs to reduce inflammation, we strongly suggest our Joint Pain Relief formula.

Does Krill Oil Cause Gout

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Q: How Do They Make Krill Oil Supplements What Is The Extraction Process

A: Krill are harvested in large amounts. There are literally millions to billions of krill that swim the Earth. Once the krill are harvested, they must immediately be frozen. By freezing the krill, it maintains all of their nutrients and antioxidants. After they are frozen, a cold vacuum process is used to protect and remove the Omega-3s. Once the nutrients are removed, the remainder of the krill is made into krill meal, which is often used as fish food, and some cultures even use it to cook with.

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What Is Krill Oil

Krill is a small crustacean with an appearance similar to shrimp. They are found in the colder waters of the ocean. Krill primarily serve as a food source for other animals in the ocean, for example – whales, seals, penguins, squid and fish.

Krill is found in the oceans off of Antarctica, Canada, and Japan. Harvesting of krill is controversial. There is concern that commercial harvesting of Krill for use in Krill Oil supplements could threaten the species that consume it for food, including whales. All krill oil sold in nutritional supplements is harvested out of the open ocean, upsetting the natural balance of food supplies for larger marine animals.

Commercial uses of Krill include salmon aquaculture farming, harvesting for use in Krill Oil capsules, as food for home aquariums, and as a human food source. Krill, known as Okiami has been harvested by the Japanese as a human food source since the 19th century, and is also consumed in South Korea and Taiwan. Krill has a pink or red appearance due to the plankton that they consume as a food source in the ocean.1

Mega Red Krill Oil And Gout

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But No Benefit Seen With Fish Oil Sans Fish

Consumption of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids , which are contained in fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, and sardines, was associated with a significant decrease in the risk of gout flares, a large online survey found.

Among patients with gout, consuming any quantity of fatty fish in the previous 48 hours lowered the risk of an acute gout attack by 33%, with an adjusted odds ratio of 0.77 , according to Tuhina Neogi, MD, PhD, of Boston University School of Medicine, and colleagues.

However, risk was not lowered with use of dietary supplements such as fish oil in the previous 48 hours, with an adjusted odds ratio of 1.01 , the researchers reported online in Arthritis & Rheumatology.

That discrepancy may be explained by the fact that the usual levels of the biologically active n-3 PUFAs eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid , found in commercially available supplements, are “far below that which is required for significant anti-inflammatory effect,” they observed.

Despite the availability of effective treatments for gout, flares of the disease remain common, and additional approaches to prevention and treatment are clearly needed.

In contrast, n-6 PUFAs such as linoleic acid and arachidonic acid, which are found in vegetable oils and other animal products, exert pro-inflammatory effects, and the ratio of n-3 to n-6 PUFAs is believed to be critical in triggering inflammation.


The study was funded by the National Institutes of Health.

What To Look For

The recent popularity of krill oil supplements has raised serious concerns that it could threaten populations of its predators, including penguins, seals, and whales.

Besides nutritional supplements, commercially fished krill are used for aquaculture and aquarium feeds, sport fishing bait, and for food consumption. In Japan, krill is considered a delicacy and is called okiami. In 2010, Whole Foods Market stopped selling krill oil supplements, citing environmental concerns.

It is important to purchase krill oil supplements that are certified as coming from sustainable sources. Look for a label certifying that the krill oil contained in the product comes from an MSC- and Friends of the Sea-certified sustainable fishery. This ensures that harvesting practices were subject to oversight by the Commission on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources, which is working to protect 1.5 million square kilometers of krill habitat in collaboration with 24 countries and the European Union.

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Q: Will Krill Oil Affect Acne Eczema Or Psoriasis

A: Some studies have proven that krill oil can help with psoriasis, acne and eczema. We actually had a customer tell us the other day that since taking krill oil, she has seen less redness in the areas she is prone to psoriasis. As for acne and eczema, we havent heard any feedback saying either way.

May Help Manage Pms Symptoms

Krill Oil: Benefits and Uses

In general, consuming omega-3 fats may help decrease pain and inflammation .

Several studies have found that taking omega-3 or fish oil supplements can help decrease period pain and symptoms of premenstrual syndrome , in some cases enough to decrease the use of pain medication .

It appears that krill oil, which contains the same types of omega-3 fats, may be just as effective.

One study compared the effects of krill oil and fish oil in women diagnosed with PMS .

The study found that while both supplements resulted in statistically significant improvements in symptoms, women taking krill oil took significantly less pain medication than women taking fish oil .

This study suggests that krill oil may be at least as effective as other sources of omega-3 fats at improving PMS symptoms.


Several studies have found that omega-3 fats may help improve period pain and PMS. So far only one study has investigated the effects of krill oil on PMS, but the results were promising.

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Q: What Is Keratosis Pilaris And Will Krill Oil Help

A: Keratosis pilaris is a skin condition that causes bumps and rough areas of skin on your body. Some people call them liver spots. Typically they are found on upper arms and thighs. Once again, those handy EPA and DHA come into play. Since krill oil contains both of them, it is effective in helping with Keratosis pilaris.

Causes And Symptoms Of Gout

Hereditary gout is a the most common form, followed by symptoms caused through poor lifestyle choices like eating a diet high in saturated fats, or a lot of alcohol. Other health conditions and even medicines can also be attributed to causes in many cases. The most common symptom is an arthritis attack of the big toes metatarsal phalangeal joint, causing swelling, redness, hot and tenderness/pain. Although, other joints like the knee, elbow, finger joints or wrists can also become affected .

The biggest tell, and often first sign you have gout is waking up after a nights sleep, and your big toe is inflamed, swollen and hotter than usual. If this happens, its time to visit the doctor to get a proper diagnosis.

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Why Does Uric Acid Build Up In The Blood System

Purine, a composite of the bodies cellular structure , breaks down and forms excess uric acid. Normally, uric acid is processed by the kidneys and excreted in urine, via the bladder. But when purines fail, complications may begin. This can happen:

  • When you are over-weight
  • Drink too much alcohol
  • Have a family history
  • Eat too much food that is high in purines. Use the purine table to find out more
  • Are a man
  • As a side effect of aspirin or immunosuppressants

Q: What Does Krill Oil Have To Do With Iodine

Krill Oil (1000 mg)////  U

A: So, you know if you go to the hospital to have a scan done, and they tell you to let them know if you are allergic to iodine or shellfish? Well, thats because the contrast dye they use for the scan contains this. The same goes for krill oil. Shellfish contain iodine, and since krill are actually shrimps twin, you have to be very careful when taking the supplement if you have a shellfish or iodine allergy. Be sure to consult with your doctor before beginning krill oil, if this is the case. Dont be afraid of iodine, its extremely beneficial to our bodies.

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Might Reduce Arthritis And Joint Pain

Because krill oil seems to help reduce inflammation, it may also improve arthritis symptoms and joint pain, which often result from inflammation.

In fact, a study that found krill oil significantly reduced a marker of inflammation also found that krill oil reduced stiffness, functional impairment and pain in patients with rheumatoid or osteoarthritis .

A second, small but well-designed study of 50 adults with mild knee pain found that taking krill oil for 30 days significantly reduced participants pain while they were sleeping and standing. It also increased their range of motion .

Additionally, researchers studied the effects of krill oil in mice with arthritis. When the mice took krill oil, they had improved arthritis scores, less swelling and fewer inflammatory cells in their joints .

While more studies are required to support these results, krill oil appears to have good potential as a supplemental treatment for arthritis and joint pain.


Several animal and human studies have found that taking krill oil supplements helps improve joint pain and arthritis symptoms, though more studies are needed.

One study compared the effects of krill oil and purified omega-3s on cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Only krill oil raised good high-density-lipoprotein cholesterol. It was also more effective at decreasing a marker of inflammation, even though the dosage was much lower. On the other hand, the pure omega-3s were more effective at lowering triglycerides .

Q: Is Krill Oil Better Than Fish Oil Supplements

A: Based on the fact that krill has antioxidants and beneficial lipids the answer is going to be yes, but keep in mind the side effects which fish oil does not have. It is predicated upon what the person is willing to put up with in order to get the benefits they desire. Why choose? Taking both krill and fish oil at the same time are beneficial.

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Aspirin And Ibuprofen Can Be Gout Triggers Too

Aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications help relieve gout symptoms, but can also be gout triggers.

Both uric acid and aspirin type medications are eliminated from the body by the kidneys. The kidneys can only do so much at one time. If you are taking aspiring or ibuprofen, the kidneys have two jobs to do now, making it harder to do each one.

Your kidneys have a hard enough time getting rid of the uric acid. Dont give your kidneys more work to do by taking a lot of aspirin or ibuprofen.

Other Things That Could Spark A Gout Attack

Benefits of krill oil #shorts

Here are some other things that might cause a gout attack:

  • Stress, and anger can cause an excess of uric acid to build up in your body.
  • Injury to a gouty joint could rupture small pockets releasing undissolved crystals.
  • Sudden drops in the your pH level are thought to bring on attacks.
  • Hypothermia causes uric acid to crystalize which can bring on an attack.

The best thing to do before taking any supplements is to talk to your doctor and make sure the supplements you want to take wont cause any adverse reactions.

If you have any questions about supplements and your foot health just ask Dr. Schlam. You can call our office for an appointment at 298-9074.

Hollowbrook Foot Specialist serving the Hudson Valley from Wappingers Falls.

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What Type Of Supplement Should I Choose

Fish oil supplements are available as capsules or as a liquid. Different brands of capsules vary in the amount of omega-3 fats they contain so it is worthwhile to compare brands. Check the label to see the amount of omega-3 contained in each capsule . Bottled fish oil is generally the most convenient and least expensive way to take the dose needed to reduce inflammation . Capsules are preferred by some people and are more portable when travelling.

Q: What Is The Difference Between Fish Oil And Krill Oil

A: The main difference is krill oil contains antioxidants and phospholipids which fish oil does not. Phospholipids are important to both structural and functional roles in the body. They are one of the most important molecules in your body. Krill also tends to have a lower fat content than fish oil.

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Ignore These Side Effects At Your Peril

  • Colchicine can cause loss of appetite, gastrointestinal problems like diarrhoea and abdominal cramps, nausea and vomiting. Long term use of colchicine can result in toxicity, causing allergic skin reactions, anemia, hair loss, bloody stools, hypovolemic shock, kidney failure, respiratory failure, pancytopenia, leukopenia and renal failure.
  • can cause nausea and paradoxically, join pain. Serious side effects of Febuxostat include chest pain or heart attack, stroke, liver problems and disorientation.
  • Corticosteroids are steroids, so naturally they come with side effects. These include stomach upset, insomnia, unusual increase heart beat, oral thrush, mood swings. Used for longer than 90 days dangers include high blood pressure, glaucoma and cataracts, increased risk of bruising because of thinned skin, osteoporosis, diabetes
  • Allopurinol Yet another paradox with allopurinol, further joint pain, redness and swelling . Rare symptoms, stomach pain, anxiety and agitation and bleeding gums and bad breath.
  • All these considered, what if there was a natural product that could help control gout symptoms? Well, there is krill oil.

    What Dose Should I Take For Arthritis

    Krill Oil, 500 mg, 60 Softgels x 2 bottles

    Research suggests the dose needed to reduce joint inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis is 2.7 grams of omega-3 daily. This dose usually requires approximately either:

    • nine to 14 standard 1000mg fish oil capsules or five to seven capsules of a fish oil concentrate per day, or
    • 15mL of bottled fish oil or five to seven mL of concentrated bottled fish oil per day.

    For osteoarthritis, fish oil supplements at a lower dose may be useful. A recent study showed that there was no advantage in using high dose fish oil for osteoarthritis of the knee. Lower doses of fish oil can also benefit your heart and general health.

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    Risks And Side Effects

    The risks, side effects, and overdose symptoms include the following:

    • Nausea
    • Insomnia
    • Vitamin A toxicity

    Fish oils are also known to increase blood sugar levels, so individuals with diabetes should contact their healthcare provider to discuss proper options.

    Fish oils are known to potentially interact with some medications. Contact your healthcare provider to discuss the potential interaction of medications and fish oil supplements.

    Conventional Medicines For Gout Have A Potential For Side Effects

    The question of safety arises once again for pharmaceuticals, that are designed to cure, but also cause great harm.

    • NSAIDs (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
    • Corticosteroids
    • Allopurinol

    We discussed the limitations of some of these conventional medicines in our article about krill oil and arthritis, where we talked about the upside of NSAIDs such as aspirin and ibuprofen . With any inflammation, the usual course of action is reaching for a tub of pills, without thinking too much of the side effects.

    Aspirin and ibuprofen both can cause stomach upsets, and used long term offer an array of side effects that make taking them, more of a problem than the reason you first took them like stomach ulcers and bleeding in the stomach.

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