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Va Disability Rating For Gout

Compensation & Pension Exams For Knee Pain And Conditions: What To Watch Out For

Insomnia VA Disability Ratings and Secondary Conditions

Again, C& P exams for knee pain and conditions will primarily be based on a veterans range of motion. Range of motion is also supposed to be tested after repetitive motion to determine how much the veterans motion is limited after use over time. C& P examiners should also be asking veterans about the presence of flare-ups and how such flare-ups may further limit the veterans functioning. Finally, C& P examiners should address functional loss due to pain. Functional loss can relate to issues with standing, walking, sitting, climbing stairs, kneeling, and other activities of daily life. If C& P examiners do not address these issues, the exam may be inadequate for rating purposes.

Service Connection For Gout

Veterans can obtain service connection for gout in a number of ways. First, veterans can apply for service connection on a direct basis. To establish direct service connection, the following three elements must be present:

  • A current diagnosis of gout
  • An in-service event, injury, or illness
  • A medical nexus linking the current diagnosis of gout to the in-service event

However, veterans may also be eligible for service connection for gout on a secondary basis. A secondary service-connected condition is one that is caused or aggravated by an already service-connected condition. If you are claiming secondary service connection for gout, providing a nexus opinion will be especially important. Specifically, the nexus must state that your gout is at least as likely as not caused or aggravated by your primary service-connected condition.

How Does The Va Rate My Arthritis Disability

According to an article in the 2012 Journal of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, U.S. soldiers and veterans have been significantly affected by osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis . OA occurs when cartilagea connective, structural tissue in the body thats more flexible than bonebreaks down. RA is an autoimmune disorder that attacks the lining of the joints. Both types of arthritis are painful and sometimes debilitating.

In active service personnel under 40, OA is the leading cause of disability and medical discharge, and those on active duty as well as veterans are two times more likely to suffer from OA than civilians. When a soldier is diagnosed with RA during active duty, the Medical Evaluation Board automatically sets up a hearing that usually results in the soldiers medical discharge from service. Between 2003 and 2009, Army statistics reported that the number of soldiers medically retired from the Army with at least one type of musculoskeletal condition increased almost 10 times.

Because arthritis is so prevalent in soldiers and veterans, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs determined that this condition is service-connected if diagnosed within a year of discharge. However, if symptoms of arthritis present in later years, you may still be eligible for VA disability.

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Va Disability Rating Gout

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Va Disability Rating For Arthritis

VA Disability Ratings for Gout

Both degenerative and rheumatoid arthritis are rated under the musculoskeletal system conditions. Range of motion and pain levels are key factors to your disability rating. Physicians should be using a goniometer to get exact measurements for your joints range of motion. This is important because the VA looks first at range of motion for each joint, which determines your rating. Sometimes, you may have full motion, in which case the VA under the degenerative arthritis code.

There are multiple levels of rating that is on a percentage-based system. Rheumatoid arthritis levels of rating are under Diagnostic Code 5002 degenerative arthritis levels are under Diagnostic Code 5003. Percentages range from 10% to 100%. A rating for limited range of motion cannot be given in addition to either degenerative or rheumatoid arthritis. Your rating will affect your arthritis claim and the benefits you receive.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis disability rating can change throughout your lifespan because the intensity of the arthritis may worsen. Rheumatoid arthritis is also rated depending on the joints involved, yet can only be rated as either an active condition or for residual chronic conditions.

Under Diagnostic Code 5002, the VA rates your rheumatoid arthritis case based on the following:

Degenerative Arthritis

In order to receive a rating of limited motion, the VA must confirm swelling, muscle spasms, or other evidence of pain through observation.

Other Arthritis Ratings

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Gulf War Veterans With Chronic Disabilities

Va disability compensation for gout. Standard Disability Requirements In addition to the durational requirements discussed above to be approved for SSDI or SSI you may not earn more than about 1200 per month from working and your gout must significantly interfere with your ability to work for at least a year. However it is common for Veterans to receive a lower rating. Select the veteran status and enter other necessary details if needed.

Therefore the VA should increase the Veterans disability rating based on the impact flare ups could have on a Veterans day-to-day life. We believe this to be a great disservice to all Veterans. I am ten percent service connected for Gout which was diagnosed whill still on active duty.

In their sample nearly 90 were found to have hypertension 60 hyperlipidemia and 40-50 chronic kidney disease diabetes and coronary artery disease Am. The VA doctor will not treat your gout but they will examine your medical records as well as your joints to determine the severity of the disease. The study conducted in 2016 indicated that hospitalizations for gout doubled from 44 to 88 patients per 100000 from 1993 to 2011.

Why rely on an inadequate CP exam for your disability claim. The maximum VA disability rating a Veteran can receive for gout is 100 in the most severe cases. But in cases where the limitation of motion of the specific joint or.

What Does Agent Orange Do To The Body Cck Law

Getting Veterans Va Disability For Gulf War Syndrome Cck Law

A Disability Needs To Have Lasted Or Expected To Last At Least 12

Va disability gout rating. That means that a rheumatoid arthritis disability rating wont be permanent. Here is the definition of a disability according to the dda The act defines Disability as. I have multiple Diseases of the Musculoskeletal System that qualify for a combined 100 VA Disability Rating.

Based on the limitation of motion VA will then assign a disability rating in accordance with the rating criteria outlined above. In 2016 the VA agreed with our firms analysis and granted MD. Gout VA Disability Rating Gout is a form of arthritis and is therefore rated under 38 CFR 471a diagnostic code 5002.

You will only qualify for Individual Unemployability if your condition alone qualifies for a 60 rating or 40 with a combined 70 and has resulted in perpetual unemployment despite repeated attempts. Then I found this post from carameldiva1970 regarding VA ratings for the 5000 series and it says diagnostic codes 5013-5024 Gout is 5017 falls under code 5002. It is important for veterans to be open and honest about the pain and functional limitations they experience as a result of their arthritis.

Since flare-ups come and go the minimum rating is 20 if you have 2 bad times a year. Acute Subacute or Chronic Diseases 5017 Gout The diseases under diagnostic codes 5013 through 5024 will be rated on limitation of motion of affected parts as arthritis degenerative except gout which will be rated under diagnostic code 5002. However it is common for Veterans to receive a lower rating.

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How Can I Prove I Have Gout

There are several medical tests that are used to diagnose gout, including blood tests, urinalysis, x-rays, scans, and more. These test results should be included with your disability claim. The SSA may order a medical evaluation and mental evaluation with doctors that they choose at their expense. These evaluations are informational purposes only and not for medical treatment.

The more information that is provided and gathered, the stronger your case. Provide as much information as possible so you can expedite your case. The process can be lengthy and your claim can be denied twice. You can file an appeal each time. The final step is to request a hearing before an administrative law judge who will rule on your case.

Limitation Of Flexion Of The Knee Diagnostic Code 5260

VA Wants to Reduce my Disability Rating

Limitation of flexion of the knee is the most common knee condition for which veterans receive VA disability benefits. This condition refers to the range of motion of the knee as the veteran moves it or curls it inward towards the body. Generally speaking, VA rates this condition based on the range of motion that exists as the veteran moves their knee in that direction. The most common rating VA assigns for limitation of flexion of the knee is 10 percent, although the highest rating a Veteran can receive is 30 percent. This low evaluation speaks to how VA rates knee conditions. Namely, there are strict rating criteria veterans must meet to have their knee conditions rated at certain levels. It is not just about how painful it is or how much it hurts. Instead, VA will literally measure the range of motion and assign a rating based largely off that alone.

Within VAs regulations, veterans should be afforded a 10 percent rating even if they do not necessarily meet the specific diagnostic code criteria for limited range of motion, but can otherwise show they have painful motion. However, VA often makes mistakes when it comes to this. VA is also required to pay attention to other indicators of functional loss such as weakness, interference with sitting and standing, pain on motion, and fatigability. If VA does not take such factors into consideration, veterans should consider appealing for a higher disability rating.

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How The Va Rates Arthritis

If you have service-connected arthritis, a VA rating specialist will look at the following factors when determining your rating:

  • Functional loss. This rating focuses on the limitations of the joints range of motion. For example, the VA rating specialist will evaluate an arthritic knee by its ability to perform normal, working movements.
  • Instability. The VA rating specialist will categorize instability of the joint in three ways: slight , moderate , or severe . Its important that your doctor use these three terms to explain your limitations due to arthritis. Additionally, he should explain why your condition falls into that particular category.
  • Pain. Most veterans with arthritis experience pain. While the VA rating system doesnt usually recognize pain as a disability, it may be factored in for arthritisespecially if it affects the knee. Even if your range of motion is fine, and there appears to be no functional loss, the VA may still grant a rating in this category if you can provide evidence that the range of motion is affected by pain when the joint is used in a normal, repetitive way. The VA may recognize that the pain is impacting your ability to use that joint.

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Getting Service Connection For Gout

Veterans who wish to receive disability compensation for their gout must first prove service connection. Basically, this means that a Veteran needs to provide the VA with sufficient evidence proving the disability was caused by military service. A Veteran can receive service connection for gout on a primary and secondary basis. To receive service connection for gout on a primary basis, just like all disabilities, a Veteran must:

  • Have a current medical diagnosis of the condition
  • Have been subject to an in-service event or traumatic experience that caused the disability
  • Get a medical nexus connecting the in-service event to the current disability

Since there are so many different risk factors associated with gout, it is sometimes difficult to prove service connection. That is why it is so important to provide the VA with the correct documentation when you file your claim.

Often, a Veteran will receive VA compensation for gout based on secondary service connection.

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Arthritis Va Rating: Types Of Arthritis And Va Disability

Arthritis is a condition that plagues many people across the United States. Arthritis is considered a disability, emerging in various forms at differing levels of severity. More than 1 in 3 veterans suffer from arthritis. The Department of Veteran Affairs grants VA disability to those who have arthritis, yet the degree of benefits varies depending on the type and intensity of the arthritis. If you experience arthritis due to your time in the service, you may be eligible to make an arthritis claim and be awarded compensation.

Standard Disability Requirements In Addition To The Durational Requirements Discussed Above To Be Approved For Ssdi Or Ssi You May Not Earn More Than About 1200 Per Month From Working And Your Gout Must Significantly Interfere With Your Ability To Work For At Least A Year

Va Disability Compensation For Gout

How much va disability for gout. You will only qualify for Individual Unemployability if your condition alone qualifies for a 60 rating or 40 with a combined 70 and has resulted in perpetual unemployment despite repeated attempts. Much depends on the nature and severity of the condition. If you have a 10 to 20 disability rating you wont receive a higher rate even if you have a dependent spouse child or parent.

How Thousands Of Individuals Have Stopped Gout Discomfort Eating Particular Foods. He said a reading over 8 was high. From the VA you will receive a monthly payment as well as full medical care from the VA for the qualifying conditions.

VA Disability Claims General What is the highest rating for Gout. While there is no specific listing for gout there is a listing for inflammatory arthritis to which gout is closely related. Listing 1409 is for inflammatory arthritisIf you meet any of the following conditions pertaining to inflammatory arthritis you will meet the requirements of eligibility for Social Security disability benefits.

When I have flare-up it hurts as much to take the weight off a foot as it does to put weight on it. Veterans facing a definitive impairment in overall health that is supported by exam findings or experiencing three or more incapacitating episodes each year will be assigned a 40 percent disability rating. The Department of Veterans Affairs does not assign a single disability rating for arthritis.

Va Disability For Arthritis Cck Law

Pin On Gout

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What Is The Va Disability Rating For Gout: You Have To Know This

Gout is becoming more and more common and its one of the worst issues to have

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How Do I Apply To Receive My Ratings

If you are still in the military, then you can request your military physician to refer you to the MEB and start the IDES process. If you are already a veteran, you can submit a VA Disability Claim along with evidence of service-connection and all medical records regarding the conditions on the claim.

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Va Disability For Arthritis: Service Connection

There are three main service connections for arthritis: direct service, presumptive service, and secondary service. Since arthritis is a gradual disability, there does not have to be an event or injury to prove service connection.

Wondering how to prove arthritis is service connected? Direct service connection is easier to show if you documented pain throughout and after your service. It will be much easier to determine your rating if you have past medical records indicating the presence of arthritis. Yet, arthritis is characterized as a presumptive service connection, so if you do not have any past records, you are still eligible for service-connected benefits.

Its important to mention that arthritis commonly worsens over time. Veterans who wait to claim VA disability for arthritis or to even receive an immediate VA disability rating may find it harder to make a VA claim. The closer to your discharge your arthritis begins to flare up, the easier it is to claim service connection.

What Foot Problems Qualify For Disability


Some of the most common foot conditions veterans experience following service include pes planus , plantar fasciitis, bunion deformity, and arthritis. Veterans may be eligible to receive VA disability compensation if they are able to demonstrate that their foot conditions are due to their time in service.

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Va Raters May Try To Reduce Your Rating Due To The Medicines You Take

Can the VA consider whether your medications are providing some relief when determining your degree of disability?

The issue was settled by a 2012 decision of the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, and in general, the answer is no.

As most of you know, the very first step for any VA disability claim is that you have to be able to show that you suffer from a current disability.

Of course, HOW you try to show the elements of service-connection can often be the difference between a grant and a denial of a claim.

Once youve established a service connection for your current disability, the VA Regional Office will compare the symptoms and impact of that condition to the criteria listed in the VA Schedule of Disability Ratings.

Unless the effects of medications are specifically included in the impairment rating criteria for your condition, the VA is NOT allowed to consider whether a particular medication moderates a Veterans condition in determining the degree of disability.

Its that simple.

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