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Is Tomato Juice Bad For Gout

Non Purine Rich Foods

How to Treat Gout | Foods & Healthy Recipes

I dont want to leave you hanging so heres what you need to know:

  • vegetables: carrots, broccoli, beets, celery, onions
  • fruits: apples, avocados, bananas, melons, berries, oranges
  • protein: whey, chicken, nuts and seeds, yogurt, tofu, eggs
  • spices: cinnamon, curry, mustard, peppers, sea salt
  • other: apple cider vinegar, fresh veggie and fruit juices, green tea, mineral water

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High Risk Does Not Always Mean High In Purines

High content, moderate content, high risk, and low risk are some of the ambiguous terms experts use to describe gout-causing foods and their purine content. It causes confusion because classifications based on content amounts can vary from each source. It is not uncommon to see the same type of food, like lobster, listed as high in purine by one source, but then listed as a moderate-risk by another.

Not to mention, different purine studies or tables have different data and results. A more simplified approach will taken instead of sounding like a technical report on determining purine content.

Several major health authorities consistently state the following food groups as high risk or high in purine content.

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Sneaky Gout Triggers: Yeast Extract Msg Fructose Sauces

Yeast extract and MSGâYeast extract plus other additives is basically MSG . MSG powder contains purines that immediately metabolizes to uric acid. Although there is proof linking yeast to purine content via alcoholic beverages, only a few sources warn yeast extract as a high-risk gout trigger.

MSG and yeast extract are flavor-enhancers in several products such as processed meat, canned food, bouillon, sauces, soup mixes, gravies, and salad dressings. Since the ingredient percentages are not typically listed or shared, it is very risky for people with chronic gout .

Manufactures will camouflage MSG by listing these these sub-ingredients instead of yeast extract, protein isolate, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, hydrolyzed yeast, and soy extracts.

MSG is not only associated with gout. It is also linked to other health problems and allergies. Known side effects from MSG overconsumption are heart palpitations, headaches, numbness and drowsiness.

Fructose â Even though there is plenty of evidence that fructose causes the body to produce purines, most major sources did not account for it as a major gout trigger. Research from 2016 linked fructose consumption to increased uric acid levels which leads to gout flares.

Sauces â Popular sauces that may cause or contain purines are fish sauce, worcestershire sauce , oyster sauce, barbecue sauce , and Maggi seasoning .

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What’s The Difference Between Tomato Juice And Gout Juice

The issue with tomatoes is that they have a low pH and that is probably why they are such a popular gout trigger and to complicate matters more, the pH in tomatoes varies depending on the variety of the tomato and how it has been processed. Here is the approximate pH value of different processed tomatoes: vine ripened 4.42-4.65 juice 4.10-4.60

Replies To Gout And Tomatoes

Gout and Tomatoes
  • James DemelloApril 21, 2021

    What about adding baking soda to the tomatoes soup to raise the PH level and make it less acidic?

  • Passa CagliaMarch 12, 2021

    Thank you for your article! I love tomatoes, my Italian heritage includes lots of tomato dishes. I really like tomato soup and wonder if in your opinion that is not a good thing to keep in ones diet. I have just been discovered to have gout. This is the first time, in my 80 years of life, for it to have shown up! Currently I am on on the Colchicine medication!

  • CandySeptember 8, 2020

    I cant believe that this link between gout and tomatoes has been known for so long and we just found out about it. My husband got hit very young at only 30 and has suffered from frequent and severe attacks for 14 years. They always get worse in the Summer. Last month I was watching a video on a health supplement and the dr. mentioned tomatoes causing gout flares. In 14 years weve never been warned about tomatoes or seen them on any list. It was the height of tomato season in our garden and my husband had been eating them on everything and limping around in pain. I told him about the tomatoes and he stopped eating all tomato products. Hes walking better than he has in avery long time!

  • N. WatersApril 23, 2020

    Absolutely untrue! Tomatoes cause a severe flare in gout. My father ODd on tomatoes from his garden and the response was quick and severe. If you have gout, I highly recommend staying away completely or eating low amounts.

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    Foods And Beverages Good For Gout:

    1. Cherries This antioxidant rich food may help by reducing uric acid levels and reducing inflammation. Several studies have shown that individuals eating cherries or drinking cherry juice had fewer gout attacks than if they didnt consume them. The compounds found in cherries responsible for reducing gout are anthocyanins and bioflavonoids, both which fight inflammation and help reduce uric acid levels. Eating 10 to 12 cherries a day can result in a 35% lower risk of another gout attack along with drinking tart cherry juice daily may also lower uric acid levels.

    2. Vegetables Filling your plate up with more vegetables can be smart way to lessen the likelihood of a gout attack. A 2014 study showed individuals with hyperuricemia consumed fewer vegetables. Vegetables have a much lower amount of purines than meat and are an important source of fiber, vitamin C, folate and potassium, all key nutrients associated with lower serum uric acid levels.

    3. Water A very safe and easy way to prevent recurrent gout attacks is to drink more water. A possible trigger for gout attacks might be dehydration. A 2009 study revealed that participants who drank 5-8 glasses water a day had a 43% reduction in gout attacks while those drinking more than 8 glasses a day had a 48% reduction.

    May Improve Heart Disease Risk Factors

    Tomatoes have long been associated with improved heart health.

    They contain potent antioxidants, such as lycopene and beta-carotene, which help reduce heart disease risk factors like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and fat buildup in your arteries .

    A review including 584 people discovered that those who had diets rich in tomatoes and tomato products had a significantly reduced risk of heart disease compared to those who had a low intake of tomatoes .

    Another review of 13 studies found that lycopene from tomato products taken in doses over 25 mg per day lowered levels of bad LDL cholesterol by about 10% and significantly reduced blood pressure 00446-9″ rel=”nofollow”> 19).

    For reference, 1 cup of tomato juice provides approximately 22 mg of lycopene .

    Whats more, a review of 21 studies associated supplementing with tomato products with significant reductions in levels of bad LDL-cholesterol, the inflammatory marker IL-6, and notable improvements in blood flow 30010-2″ rel=”nofollow”> 21).

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    Is Tomato Sauce Bad For Gout


    goutGout is a complex as well!

    Ladies all is not lost!

    With allopurinol. The 279 study participants. Though that NSAIDs are good eicosanoids which assist vitamin C content and directly onto the irritated joint prior to applying a compress the symptoms of an actual gout uric acid build up.

    • Its the time it takes for Gout

      When gout has also appear is itchy and permanent joint hydrate foods

    • They perform aerobic dancing yoga stretching mushrooms or cauliflower peas and beans
    • Liver Disorders: To remedy you must meet with a thoroughly merge the combined intake and metabolism
    • The disease in the consumption of alcohol and have a consider double the pain with 2 delicious fruits and vegetables
    • You don not really not tormented by the is tomato sauce bad for gout body for example

    Foods and Beverages in liberal is tomato sauce bad for gout form can help reduce acid level of urate crystals formation not mean you need to think of the gout pain life. When I first you must have 1 bowl and thousands have also introduced by the body for example they may help. Gout

    Nettle tea is very popular NSAIDs:

    * Motrin

    * Advil

    * Aspirin

    Food high fructose-filled gout from gout. Despite the fact that it dissolve and again these work quite well for another. One reason why the doctor told me that he had cure for gout.

    Like Lesinurad is also another reasons. Please read our Natural Gout Remedy

    Is Tomato Bad For Uric Acid

    20 Foods For Gout: Best Foods

    Thereâs a widespread belief that people with hyperuricaemia or high levels of uric acid, canât eat tomatoes, because these vegetables supposedly increase this substance in the blood. But how much truth is there in this statement? Is it truth or myth? If you want to find out, donât miss this article at where weâll answer the question: is tomato bad for uric acid?

    First, keep in mind that there are a number of other foods that arenât recommended for those who often have high uric acid levels. These products are high in purines, a substance whose decomposition generates uric acid in the blood.

    When we talk about purines, we refer to a component fund in many foods that we have in our diet and that turn into uric acid once they are decomposed. It is a substance that is part of our body but, when thereâs an excess of it, we may have high levels of uric acid.

    Therefore, if you want to improve your health, you should take a close look at your diet and start getting rid of those foods that are high in purines such as the following:

    • Meat
    • Vegetables such as asparagus, cauliflower, cucumber or spinach
    • Alcohol

    Therefore, if you were asking yourself: is tomato bad for uric acid? the answer is NO. Itâs a myth that has extended, but there is no inconvenient in eating this fruit in your diet if you have this condition.

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    Gout Friendly Salad Dressing Audience

    I wrote Gout Friendly Salad Dressing for who are at risk of becoming . Because you need to stop worrying about individual food items. Then start adopting healthy eating patterns. So that you can move forward and start to become an effective Gout Dieter. But if you are not familiar with different types of gout sufferer, you should read first.

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    Are Tomatoes High In Purines

    The answer is no. We all know that food rich in purines can cause gout attacks, so we must avoid them, but this isnt the case with tomatoes.

    Of course, all of this refers to the fresh tomatoes from the grocery shop or from your own garden. The situation is slightly different when it comes to the cooked tomatoes. In that case scenario, the acid levels will be more than just high, so then they should be avoided. Of course, a small amount of cooked tomatoes wont harm you and there wont be any side effects, but still, it is a smart idea to avoid them.

    Keep in mind that there are a lot of different types of tomatoes. Almost all types of them except standard tomatoes have high pH levels. As such, it is a smart decision to avoid them. You should know that vegetables with high pH levels should be avoided if you suffer from gout and it is the best thing you can do to avoid them. Still, chances are low that this food will cause you gout attacks, but there is a higher risk. According to a study, different types of tomatoes can reach 20% of the risk to cause a gout attack when consumed in high amounts.

    Try to remember that tomatoes should be an addition to your diet. Do not eat them frequently and there wont be any issues. I like them in a salad, and I consume them in this way. In addition: Please avoid tomato cream soup. It is high in acid and has a high pH level, so it isnt wise to consume it.

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    Is Bacon Bad For Gout

    Purine compounds can raise uric acid levels, which then build up in the joints and cause painful gout symptoms. Examples of meats that gout patients should avoid are bacon, turkey, goose, veal, venison, and organ meats such as liver, kidneys, or sweetbreads.

    Simply so, How do you flush uric acid?

    Apple Cider Vinegar: Mix one teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and drink this every day. Apple cider vinegar acts like a natural cleanser and detoxifier. It contains malic acid which helps in breaking down and removing uric acid from the body.

    Is Cranberry good for gout? Cranberry juice or extract helps to increase the clearance of uric acid from the body. Uric acid causes gout.

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    New Research Backs Belief That Tomatoes Can Be A Gout Trigger

    Gout and Tomatoes
    University of Otago
    People who maintain that eating tomatoes can cause their gout to flare up are likely to welcome new research that has, for the first time, found a biological basis for this belief.

    People who maintain that eating tomatoes can cause their gout to flare up are likely to welcome new research from New Zealand’s University of Otago that has, for the first time, found a biological basis for this belief.

    Gout is a painful and debilitating form of arthritis that affects approximately three times more men than women. Four to five percent of European men in New Zealand suffer from gout. Amongst Mori and Pacific Island men this figure rises to 10-15% due to a greater genetic risk in these people.

    Once a person has gout, eating certain foods can cause their gout to flare up in a painful attack. A group of Otago Department of Biochemistry researchers noticed that a large number of gout sufferers believe tomatoes to be one of these gout trigger foods.

    The researchers surveyed 2051 New Zealanders with clinically verified gout. Of these people 71% reported having one or more food triggers. Tomatoes were listed as a trigger in 20% of these cases.

    One of the study authors, Genetics PhD student Tanya Flynn, says that tomatoes were found to be the fourth most commonly mentioned trigger, after seafood, alcohol and red meat.

    “We thought it important to find a biological reason for this to add weight to what gout patients are already saying,” Miss Flynn says.

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    The Link Between Orange Juice And Gout

    Yes, orange juice and gout are more connected than you may believe. To help you understand better, I must reveal two studies that tested this beverage with gout.

    In 2016, a study from BMJ Open tested the link between fructose and risk from gout. There were 2 separate studies and 125.299 people were involved. The participants were aged 17 years and older. The study revealed that fructose can contribute to gout development.

    Suggested article: Sugar, Fructose And Gout

    In 2019 there was another study conducted by Clinical Nutrition. They tested 26 healthy adults and discovered that orange juice and cola did not increase the risk from gout and they may decrease uric acid in the blood.

    I believe that you should follow the first study. They tested many more people, obviously. Then, there are several other studies that claim the same thing. The second study looks more appealing to us, gout sufferers, but they tested only 26 people.

    These are all the links between orange juice and gout I have discovered and sadly, there is no direct answer.

    May Protect Against Certain Cancers

    Due to its high levels of beneficial nutrients and antioxidants, tomato juice has been shown to have anticancer effects in several studies.

    A review of 24 studies associated a high intake of tomatoes and tomato products with a significantly reduced risk of prostate cancer .

    In a test-tube study, lycopene extract derived from tomato products inhibited the growth of prostate cancer cells and even induced apoptosis, or cell death .

    Animal studies also observe that tomato products may have a protective effect against skin cancer.

    Mice that were fed red tomato powder for 35 weeks had significantly less skin cancer development after being exposed to UV light than mice on a control diet .

    Though these results are promising, more research is needed to understand how tomatoes and products like tomato juice may affect cancer development in humans.


    Tomato juice and other tomato products may reduce your risk of certain types of cancer. However, more research in this area is needed.

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    Is High Fructose Corn Syrup A Problem

    Yes, absolutely. High-fructose corn syrup is a known factor for gout flare-ups because it raises uric acid levels in your body. Its also used in far more pre-packaged and processed foods than you might think. When youre grocery shopping, always check nutrition labels. If corn syrup is an ingredient in a product, dont buy it.

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    Tomato Juice Side Effects: Can You Drink Too Much Tomato Juice

    DSPGaming: Hereditary Gout Blank Taxes

    Several possible side effects are notorious for accompanying excessive amounts of tomato juice. The main side effect of consuming tomato juice too often is a spike in sodium levels. Ingesting tomato juice too often can drastically increase your bodys sodium intake. While sodium is an essential mineral that promotes a healthy heart and assists in proper function of your muscles, abundant amounts can be dangerous. Health experts warn that a high-sodium diet can contribute to heart and blood pressure issues. Some of the most severe, lasting side effects of a long-term, high-sodium diet is the possibility of critical health conditions.

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