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Why Is Cherry Juice Good For Gout

Cherries May Cut Risk Of Gout Flare

Is Cherry Juice Good for Gout?~Just Tart Cherry Juice for Gout Relief

Eating About 20 Cherries a Day Halved Gout Patients’ Risk of Recurrent Attacks, Study Finds

Nov. 11, 2010 — People with gout may be able to cut in half their risk of recurrent attacks by eating about 20 cherries a day, preliminary research suggests.

The findings support years of anecdotal reports from patients that cherries help keep the inflammatory arthritic condition in check, doctors here say.

Still, the study does not prove cause and effect, just that there appears to be an association between eating cherries and a lower risk of recurrent gout attacks. People with goutwho eat cherries may share some other characteristic that makes them less prone to flare-ups.

How To Prevent Gout Attacks

To prevent gout attacks, limit your consumption of sugars.

Drink plenty of fluids, with water being your best choice.

Do your best to control emotional and physical stress, as this can cause your flare-ups to be even more severe, and consult your personal physician to help control the pain and keep your condition from worsening.

Treatments for gout have advanced over the years, including the development of allopurinol, a drug to prevent attacks. Speak with your orthopedic surgeon or personal physician about possible pharmaceuticals for gout. Many people with gout suffer from multiple conditions and medication interactions and side-effects should be considered.

Thankfully, there is a natural remedy for the symptoms of gout available, as well.

Where Did The Story Come From

The study was carried out by researchers from the UK and South Africa, and was part funded by Northumbria University and the Cherry Marketing Institute. The latter is a non-profit organisation, funded by cherry growers, with a brief to promote the alleged health benefits of tart cherries.

This obviously represents a potential conflict of interest, although the research paper says, The funders had no role in the study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript.

The study was published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Functional Foods.

The Mail on Sundays coverage over-extrapolates the findings of this small study involving healthy people, not gout sufferers. While it is plausible that cherry juice may be of some benefit to people affected by gout, this is currently unproven.

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How Cherries May Help Prevent Gout

Scientists know that cherries contain high levels of antioxidants, including anthocyanins and quercetin, as well as other nutrients. It is unclear how these nutrients may work individually or together to lower urate levels and decreases the chance of a gout attack.

Some researchers2 theorize that cherries:

  • Have anti-inflammatory properties that may reduce the painful inflammation related to gout attacks
  • May help counteract the process that leads to changes in bones in gout-affected joints
  • Reduce oxidative stress , which is associated with gout

Experts suspect that oxidative stress in the body begins a biochemical cascade that promotes inflammation, which over time leads to gout and other degenerative diseases.

More researchparticularly large studies involving human subjectsis needed to find out exactly if and how cherries prevent gout attacks.

See Gout Prevention

What Are The Side Effects Of Cherry Juice For Gout

Why You Really Need to Start Drinking Cherry Juice

There are no either solid scientific study or logical explanation when it comes to the idea that the cherry is a cure for gout. But that does not stop many individuals from believing in this little wonder. However, the serpents are natural and venomous at the same time.

What this article is aiming for is to explain what are the cherry juices side effects for gout. You read it right, it has side effects. take note though that most of the side effects will occur only if the assumed cherry effects are really real.

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Juices To Remove Uric Acid From Body And Relieve Gout Pain

The high level of uric acid in the body is caused when the kidneys can’t effectively remove it through urine. This happens because of two conditions, either when we consume foods more in uric acid content or when there is some problem in kidney function.

However, high uric acid level mostly occurs when we eat foods rich in proteins or uric acid. The excess uric acid is removed by the kidneys, but some of it still remains in the body.

This uric acid in the blood gets accumulated in the body’s joints, mostly in finger joints such as toes, ankle, knee, wrist, elbow. This condition is known as gout.

In this condition, there is much pain, redness and inflammation of the area, where the uric acid gets accumulated.

Gout is most common among middle-aged men and can happen when we they don’t have a control on our diet such as eating lots of meat, liver, onions, beans, peas, mushrooms, etc, that are rich in purines.

Some other factors which cause high uric acid level in the body are drinking too much of alcohol, weight gain, diabetes and hypothyroidism.

Have a look at some of the best juices that help in the removal of uric acid from the body.

How Many Cherries Do I Need To Consume

As a daily dose for gout prevention, you should:

  • Eat 1/2 to 1 cup of fresh or frozen whole cherries per day or
  • Drink 2-4 ounces of cherry juice per day or
  • Take 1-2 cherry extract pills per day.

If you need to knock down an active gout attack, double or triple the above amounts.

+ Bottom Line Cherries are scientifically proven to help lower uric acid levels, prevent gout, and reduce inflammation. One way or another, make sure you get some cherries down the hatch every single day!

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Health Benefits Of Orange Juice

Before I move to orange juice and gout, I want to explain why orange juice is so much important for people. There is no other way to say this. It is healthy and it offers 15 health benefits.

For instance, orange juice will help you boost the strength of the immune system thanks to vitamin C. It will help us with digestion, an effect of fiber present. Additionally, orange juice can help us by decreasing the risk of cancer, protect our cardiovascular system and also prevent kidney disease.

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Other, less-known health benefits are increased skin cell regeneration, due to high levels of vitamins C and E. Orange juice can keep you full for a long period of time and therefore assist you with losing weight. There are plenty more health benefits and they are all related to better health overall and better skin and hair.

Orange juice is an anti-inflammatory solution which should theoretically help gout sufferers. Although this is possible, the results are minor and due to other reasons I will explain below, less-important.

When To See A Doctor

Is Cherry Juice Good for Gout ? Use Tart Cherry for Gout Pain Relief.

You should see a doctor or healthcare professional at the first sign of gout.

Gout can advance to other joints in the body if not treated early on.

Gout can also develop into tophi bumps, which are hard bumps found underneath the skin.

If your gout pain becomes severe or lasts longer than 10 days, contact your doctor or healthcare provider immediately.

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Analysis And Calculation Of Insulin Sensitivity And Resistance

Insulin sensitivity and resistance were calculated through the use of a panel of indirect indices including the following: 1) the HOMA index, calculated as glucose × insulin /22.5 2) the quantitative insulin-sensitivity check index , calculated as 1/ and 3) the McAuley index, calculated as exp. The glucose/insulin ratio and 1/insulin reciprocal were also calculated.

Risks Of Black Cherry Juice For Gout

Unless youre allergic to it, black cherry juice is safe to drink for gout.

Of course, too much of a good thing is possible: Overdrinking black cherry juice may lead to stomach cramping and diarrhea from the extra fiber.

Dont stop any medication or treatment plan prescribed by your doctor. Studies show that cherry juice may help when added to a treatment thats already in place. If you arent sure whether you should incorporate cherry juice into your daily routine, talk to your doctor.

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When To Contact A Doctor

A person should contact a doctor if they experience any symptoms of gout.

The doctor may be able to diagnose gout by using a blood test to look at a persons uric acid levels and kidney function. They may also require a sample of fluid from the inflamed joints to look for uric acid crystals.

According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases , having gout may make a person more likely to develop other conditions or complications, such as those that affect the heart and kidneys.

As a result, it is important to talk with a doctor to help manage the symptoms of gout.

Cherry Juice For Migraine Prevention

Why You Really Need to Start Drinking Cherry Juice

Some migraines are caused by inflammation and swelling. Others are caused by blood pressure problems. The phytonutrients in cherries are able to combat both of these problems. While no formal study has been conducted on preventing migraines with cherry juice or the specific phytonutrients, many people experience prevention of migraines when they make sure their consumption of anthocyanins and bioflavonoids are kept high. Cherry juice can play a large part in this.

Cherry juice has a negligible effect on blood pressure, directly. Including it in your diet can help reduce oxidative stress on your heart and that can lower blood pressure. The quercetin also helps reduce inflammation that can cause blood pressure to rise.

How Much: We recommend 1 oz of concentrated juice diluted water in 2-3 times per day.

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Cherry Juice For Arthritis

Cherry juice is very good for arthritis. There are several different phytonutrients in cherry juice, including the anthocyanins we mentioned before, that help stop inflammation. Cherry juice also stimulates our pituitary gland to help secrete endorphins, which dull pain.

Additionally, by including cherry juice as part of a healthy diet, you are reducing the number of toxins you take into your body. This helps arthritis by allowing the body to start to heal. Cherry juice provides nutrients for this to happen.

Additionally, the extra hydration you take in with the juice helps lubricate the joints. This can help preserve the bones and cartilage and prevent further damage.

How Much: General consensus is to take 2 oz of juice 2-3 times per day.

What Juices Good For Gout: Carrot And Cucumber Juice

Make a juice out of 2 carrots, 1 cucumber, and 8 celery ribs

To eliminate uric acid from your body, drink it first thing in the morning

This is a pleasant drink that will keep you hydrated throughout the day

This should be consumed for at least 15 to 20 days

to eliminate all uric acid from the body.

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Try Dr Warners Tart Cherry Extract For Natural + Effective Relief

If you are living with gout, first make sure to have regular visits with your personal physician to help keep your attacks under control. Then, make sure to maintain a healthy diet and supplement with Dr. Warners natural Tart Cherry Extract to fight daily pain and inflammation.

Dr. Meredith Warner, the orthopedic surgeon behind Well Theory, developed this supplement after seeing the need for inflammation support in her patients. She regularly recommends the supplementation of tart cherries and even takes them herself and she has now made these supplements easily available to you.

This Tart Cherry Extract is available on The Healing Sole website:

Icipants Study Design And Intervention

Home Remedies for Gout with Cherry Juice

This study was a 12-wk 2 × 2 crossover, randomized, placebo-controlled dietary intervention in overweight and obese participants . Individuals were recruited from the Phoenix, AZ, metropolitan area through the use of handbills, word-of-mouth notification, and poster displays as reviewed and approved by the Institutional Review Board at Arizona State University. Respondents were screened by telephone and onsite interviews at the metabolic kitchen at the Polytechnic campus at Arizona State University to assess general health height and weight were measured to determine BMI. Participants were aged 18 y, not pregnant, not diabetic, with no unresolved infections or diseases , and nonsmokers. Histories of medication and dietary supplement use were collected and those taking anti-inflammatory or lipid-lowering medications were excluded. This study was approved by the Institutional Review Board at Arizona State University and informed consent was obtained from each respondent prior to entering the study. This trial was registered at as NCT03636529.

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Cherry Juice To Fight Colds & Flus

Immune support is important. The antioxidants in cherry juice can help your immune system, according to the journal Biochemical Pharmacology. But, it works in more than one way. Cherries are known anti-virals. They have been used for centuries to help fight colds and flus. Now, we know that the phytonutrients work together in cherries to help fight viruses directly. In one report by the Department of Agriculture, during a 2012 outbreak of avian flu, a virus, chicken free-ranging on a fruit farm that included cherries were completely untouched by the virus. The report included cherries in the list of foods eaten by the chicken.

Cherries wont stop the flu, but it can help you fight it off better.

How Much: General consensus is to take 2 oz of juice 2-3 times per day.

What Did The Research Involve

The research took 12 healthy volunteers and gave them two different volumes of concentrated cherry juice mixed with water, to see what effect this had on measures of uric acid activity and inflammation up to 48 hours later both of which are biological measures indirectly related to gout.

None of the volunteers actually had a history of gout.

In an effort to reduce other dietary sources of anthocyanins , participants were requested to follow a low-polyphenolic diet by avoiding fruits, vegetables, tea, coffee, alcohol, chocolate, cereals, wholemeal bread, grains and spices for 48 hours prior to, and throughout each arm of the trial. Food diaries were completed for 48 hours before, and throughout, the testing phase to assess the diet for compliance.

Participants were required to attend the start of each phase of the study at 9am, following a 10-hour overnight fast to account for diurnal variation. Each phase was comprised of two days supplementation with cherry concentrate. One supplement was taken immediately following a morning blood and urine sample, and a second consumed prior to each evening meal.

Multiple supplements were administered to identify any cumulative effects. The length of the supplementation phase was chosen due to the short period of time in which anthocyanins are metabolised.

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Are Cherries Good For Gout

The answer is actually very simple to explain. This fruit is rich in vitamins A and C. There have been several studies which proved that vitamin C is beneficial when it comes to reducing the uric acid levels. As a matter of fact, it can reduce the level of the uric by 50%. Furthermore, this fruit is rich in fiber and it has anti-inflammatory properties, so it is like designed for us, gout sufferers.

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A combination of these two benefits has an impressive effect on the joints and the overall health. In essence, your levels of the uric acid will be decreased and your inflammation will be reduced. Now you know that if you like this fruit, you are free to consume it as frequently as you like.

Cherries are also low in calories. In reality, 100 grams of this fruit have 63 calories. But, they are rich in anti-oxidant properties, with pigment and several, other ingredients. In a combination, this fruit will protect your heart, prevent cancer and can be used as a solution for treating jet lag. In addition, it is great for insomnia and those who suffer from anxiety. So in general, this fruit is beneficial for all of us, not only gout sufferers.

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Can You Stop Gout

Is Cherry Juice Good for Gout?~Just Tart Cherry Juice for ...

It should be fairly obvious why youd need to get rid of gout, but is it feasible basically?

Sure will be, but theres not just a one-size fits all solution.

Within the next section, well end up being going over whats worked very best for us!

You wont want to lose out on this free video clip.

NOTICE: Id highly recommend going to your doctor or seeing a specialist about this situation, since we arent experts. See our medical disclaimer for more details.

We dont know what will work for you, but we know whats worked for us and others

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Top Tips For Preventing And Managing Gout

Be careful not to overdo it on cherries. They key is moderation, as large amounts of fructose on a regular basis are not a good strategy for health.

According to Dr. Johnsons research, a quarter of the U.S. population consumes a whopping 134 grams of fructose a day. This is a staggering amount of fructose when you consider the fact that you need to restrict your fructose intake to below 25 grams a day in order to maintain good health.

If you have gout, this is extremely important, and you must take into account the fructose you consume from fruit. For instance, if you eat cherries for their therapeutic value, 10 sweet cherries or 1 cup of sour/tart cherries contain about 4 grams of fructose.

So if you had no other sources of fructose, 25 cherries would put you at 10 grams of fructose. You would need to eat more than 60 cherries to put you over the limit. My guess is that if you only did this occasionally and did not have insulin resistance this would likely not be a problem. However, you would activate your fat switch and put on some storage fat. But that is fine, as you have the metabolism designed to burn it, especially if you are not consuming cherries every day.

Limiting fructose in your diet is one of the most important parts of managing and preventing gout attacks. Youll want to be sure to cut out soda, fruit drinks and other sweetened beverages, as these types of drinks are a primary source of excessive fructose.

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