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What Natural Supplements Are Good For Gout

What Are Dietary Supplements

#1 Gout Natural Treatment & Remedies – Gout Diet and Nutrition

Dietary Supplements are defined by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 11994 as âa product taken by mouth that contains a âdietary ingredientâ intended to supplement the diet.â Dietary ingredients can be one or any combination of the following substances:

  • A vitamin,
  • An herb or other botanical,
  • An amino acid,
  • A dietary substance for use by man to supplement the diet by increase the total dietary intake , or
  • A concentrate, metabolite, constituent or extract

Dietary supplements are typically comprised of naturally occurring supplements, which makes them less likely to cause negative or debilitating side-effects in comparison to medications available for gout

Now that you know what dietary supplements are, how do you feed this information into your natural approach to ridding of gout?

When To Take Turmeric For Gout

The simple answer is you can have it any time you want, morning, noon, and night.

As there are practically no side effects of taking turmeric in high quantities, you can add a generous amount of turmeric in every meal you have.

If you are on turmeric supplements remember to take capsules as directed on the packaging at the same time daily. This helps you in making it a habit so that you dont miss your doses.

Try Dr Warners Tart Cherry Extract For Natural + Effective Relief

If you are living with gout, first make sure to have regular visits with your personal physician to help keep your attacks under control. Then, make sure to maintain a healthy diet and supplement with Dr. Warners natural Tart Cherry Extract to fight daily pain and inflammation.

Dr. Meredith Warner, the orthopedic surgeon behind Well Theory, developed this supplement after seeing the need for inflammation support in her patients. She regularly recommends the supplementation of tart cherries and even takes them herself and she has now made these supplements easily available to you.

This Tart Cherry Extract is available on The Healing Sole website:

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Topical Application Of Turmeric

Few individuals have found relief from gout by applying ointments or creams containing turmeric.

Although the efficacy of topical application needs more scientific evidence, turmeric topical products are easily available at health stores.

You can make your own turmeric paste by mixing one tablespoon of yogurt and 1 teaspoon powdered turmeric with honey or coconut oil. Coat the affected joint with this paste for around 15 minutes and then wash it off.

What Are The Best Vitamins For Gout

Goutrin Gout Supplement

Most medical experts agree that theres no easy fix to treat or prevent gout, but eating a diet rich in vitamin C and the B-family of vitamins, particularly B6 and B12, can help reduce inflammation and flare-ups. Many care providers recommend a daily multivitamin supplement that contains high doses of these and other vitamins and minerals. Certain other supplements, particularly quercetin and calcium, are widely believed to be useful for gout patients, too, and ingesting regular doses of fish oil, which is high in omega-3 fatty acids, can also help. In general, though, there is no cure-all. Gout patients are usually advised to drink a lot of water, get plenty of exercise, and eat a healthy, balanced diet high in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Vitamin and mineral supplements can help, but usually work best as part of a more rigorous lifestyle plan.

Gout Basics

Vitamin C

B-Family Vitamins

Mineral Supplements

Fish Oil

Other Prevention Tips

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Warm Water With Apple Cider Vinegar Lemon Juice And Turmeric

Apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and turmeric are each frequently recommended anecdotally for gout. Together, they make a pleasant beverage and remedy.

No strong research supports apple cider vinegar for gout, though studies show it may support the kidneys. Otherwise, research is promising for lemon juice and turmeric for lowering uric acid.

Mix juice from one squeezed half lemon into warm water. Combine with 2 teaspoons turmeric and 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar. Adjust to taste. Drink two to three times per day.

What Are The Most Effective Dietary Ingredients For Gout

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a supplement. In general, they include:

  • Does it fit my budget?
  • Will it help me with my goals?
  • Is the supplement safe and backed by scientific research?

When it comes to picking a supplement, the aforementioned should be at the forefront of your decision making process. Itâs best to stick with supplements that have been supported by science, both in terms of safety and efficacy. Keeping that in might, below are the top herbal supplements that are most effective for gout.

Alpha-lipoic acid

Alpha-lipoic acid is an antioxidant that can be found in yeast, liver, kidney, spinach, broccoli and potatoes. Unfortunately, most of these sources are high in purines and effectively off your plate. This antioxidant is essential for the body because it prevents cell damage and helps to restore and maintain levels of vitamin E and vitamin C. Additionally, it is used by the body to help break down carbohydrates and makes energy for the organs in your body.

How it helps with Gout

Helping to prevent cell damage means that alpha-lipoic acid can prevent gout from causing too much damage to your joints. Additionally, restoring vitamin C levels is essential as vitamin C has been shown to decrease Uric Acid levels. Finally, thanks to its role in providing energy for your organs, alpha-lipoic acid ensures that your kidney is getting the energy it needs to keep working at optimal performance.


How it helps with Gout



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Herbs For Cleansing The Liver

Herbs for Cleansing the Liver. Using natural herbs, minerals and probiotics is the best way to cleanse your lived naturally and safely. Good liver herbs like milk thistle , turmeric and dandelion work well. Liver Support Plus using organic herbs and minerals can heal a lot of conditions you dont even realize are caused by an overworked liver. An overburdened liver can lower your immunity and you can end up with jaundice, viral infections and severe gout.

Natural gout herbs and remedies can help boost liver function and reduce the acid buildup in your body and joints that are causing the pain and inflammation. Most herbs are naturally alkaline and quench the sting of uric acid, as well as other caustic acids in your body that lead to pain, inflammation and eventually disease. Learn to eat foods that dont give you high uric acid and gout pain. Find a good gout cookbook and make healthy food that eases your gout pain and start living a more pain-free and happy life. For more information on cleansing your liver see: How to Cleanse your Liver.

Avoid Alcohol And Sugary Drinks

The 7 Natural Remedies for Gout

The heavy consumption both of alcohol and of sugary drinks â such as sodas and sweetened juices â correlates with an increased risk of developing gout.

Alcohol and sweetened drinks also add unnecessary calories to the diet, potentially causing weight gain and metabolic issues.

2010 analysis of data from female participants in the Nursesâ Health Study found that gout risk decreased as coffee consumption increased.

Women who consumed 1 to 3 cups of coffee per day had a 22% reduction in their risk of gout compared with those who drank no coffee. Women who consumed more than 4 cups of coffee per day had a 57% decrease in their risk of getting this condition.

A handful of studies have also linked coffee consumption to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. A 2014 systematic review and meta-analysis of long-term coffee consumption found that people who consumed 3â5 cups of coffee per day had the lowest risk of cardiovascular disease.

As people with gout have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, drinking coffee may help improve their overall health.

2011 meta-analysis of 13 randomized controlled trials found that vitamin C significantly reduced levels of uric acid in the blood.

Reduced uric acid levels could lower the risk of gout attacks. Research has not conclusively proven that vitamin C treats or prevents gout, however â only that it lowers uric acid levels.

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How To Prevent Gout Attacks

To prevent gout attacks, limit your consumption of sugars.

Drink plenty of fluids, with water being your best choice.

Do your best to control emotional and physical stress, as this can cause your flare-ups to be even more severe, and consult your personal physician to help control the pain and keep your condition from worsening.

Treatments for gout have advanced over the years, including the development of allopurinol, a drug to prevent attacks. Speak with your orthopedic surgeon or personal physician about possible pharmaceuticals for gout. Many people with gout suffer from multiple conditions and medication interactions and side-effects should be considered.

Thankfully, there is a natural remedy for the symptoms of gout available, as well.

Gout Remedies That Work

By Dr. Josh Axe, DC, DNM, CN

Gout is something that plagues more and more people every day, and its caused from uric acid buildup in the body. I want to go over my top six home gout remedies all-natural ways to beat gout symptoms but right before that, go over the diet that is crucial to get rid of gout, along with the worst food offenders.

So if you have gout, the first thing you have to do is eliminate the excess sugar and grains in your diet, as well as processed meat. That means you need to kick that sugar addiction, as sugar feeds yeast in the body and conventional grains turn into sugar. Meanwhile, those meats are full of unhealthy hormones and antibiotics, and theyre so acidic to your system. In terms of beverages, its important to stay away from alcohol. Diet- and drink-wise, those are the best things you can do right now to eliminate gout symptoms.

In terms of a gout diet, its key to begin eating plenty of vegetables, fruits and organic meats. Some of the best foods include bone broth and my Chicken Vegetable Soup recipe.

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Choosing The Right Supplement For Gout

Nowadays weâre faced with more choices than ever before. When it comes to supplements for your gout, it can be a daunting task that can sometimes leave you broke, disappointed or feeling worse than you did before. Thereâs a numerous amount of dietary supplements out there, some with while claims â others with less than stellar results. But with so many options, how do you make the quick, yet educated decision on what supplement will work best for you? Well when it comes to picking a dietary supplement that will help treat, reduce, prevent and help you overcome your gout, hereâs a few things you should know.

Topical Cold Or Hot Application

WooHoo Natural Gout Support 120 Capsules

Applying cold or hot water to inflamed joints may also be effective.

Studies and opinions on this are mixed. Soaking in cold water is most often recommended and considered most effective. Ice packs may also work.

Soaking in hot water is typically only recommended when inflammation isnt as intense.

Alternating hot and cold applications may also be helpful.

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The Pharmacological Mechanism Of Tongfengan Mixture In The Treatment Of Gout

Tongfengan Mixture, composed of Herba Lysimachiae, Semen Sinapis, Thallus Ulvae Fasciata, Spora Lygodii, Rhizoma Smilacis Glabrae, Flos Carthami, Radix Paeoniae Rubra, Pseudobullbus Cremastrae, Rhizoma Alismatis and Rhizoma Corydalis, has the function of softening hardness and dissipating mass. It is found that in the rat models, Tongfengan Mixture can relieve the swelling, reduce the level of MSU crystals in the ankle joints, and reduce the inflammatory reaction, which may be achieved by reducing the inflammatory reaction in the blood . Liu et al. suggested that Tongfeng Mixture could inhibit the secretion of inflammatory factors like IL-1, TNF- and NF-B in the synovial tissue of the ankle joint of rats by clearing away urate crystals, and reducing the inflammation.

The Clinical Application Of Tcm Formula In Treating Acute Gout

Wuwei Xiaodu Decoction is an effective formula with the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying for treating patients with joint pain and obvious swelling. Yu et al. applied modified Wuwei Xiaodu Decoction combined with colchicine tablets to treat the gout arthritis of damp-heat type, and found that the effective rate was higher than that in the control group . Meanwhile, the combined application could effectively relieve acute joint pain, reduce swelling, relieve pain and improve joint function. Besides, the combined application of Guizhi Fuling Pill and Wuwei Xiaodu Decoction showed better effect than the combined application of meloxicam tablets and sodium bicarbonate tablets . They have found that the effective rate was 97.60% in the group treated with TCM formulas, which was higher than that in the group treated with chemical drugs, and in the group treated with TCM formulas the pain degree was significantly reduced, the swelling score, SUA and C-reactive protein levels were lower than those in the group treated with chemical drugs.

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How Is Gout Treated

Conventional treatments for gout are designed to do two things: prevent attacks and relieve the symptoms of an attack. Drug treatments that reduce uric acid levels are often prescribed to people when they are first diagnosed with gout to reduce the frequency of attacks and also the risk of their joints being damaged. These treatments are known as urate-lowering therapy , and include the medicines allopurinol and febuxostat. Both of these medicines and other ULT drugs have common side effects that you should be aware of, so its a good idea to discuss these with your GP or refer to the patient information leaflets in the packet.If you have an attack, the main medicines used to reduce pain and inflammation are anti-inflammatory painkillers called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs , plus colchicine and corticosteroids. NSAIDs such as naproxen and diclofenac can also cause side effects, including stomach ulcers, indigestion an gastric bleeding, and you should also be prescribed medicines called proton pump inhibitors to reduce any such risk.Colchicine and corticosteroids are used if youve tried NSAIDs but havent found them effective, but again there are side effects you should be aware of including nausea and diarrhoea in the case of colchicine and weight gain, bone and skin thinning in the case of corticosteroids. If youre worried about side effects, talk to your GP.

The Clinical Application Of Tcm Formulas In The Treatment Of Gout During The Remission Stage

GOUT Natural home remedies

During the remission stage of gout, the disease mechanism of TCM usually involves spleen deficiency with dampness accumulation. From TCM perspective, the abnormal production and excretion of uric acid is related to the dysfunctional of spleen, and tends to result in the increased content of SUA . Qin et al. used Tongyang Mizhuo Decoction, composed of Lizhong Pills and Wuling Powder to treat gout during the remission stage and found that the total effective rate was 94.4% and the SUA level was significantly reduced after the treatment. Emerging evidences from clinical observations indicated that patients during the remission stage were characterized by spleen deficiency with dampness accumulation. Quzhuo Tongbi Decoction is often used to treat spleen deficiency with dampness accumulation pattern and therefore it is suitable to treat gout during remission stage .

According to the TCM theory of treating disease before its onset, Peiyuan Huazhuo Decoction, is mainly used to prevent renal damage in patients with gout. TCM doctors found that the symptoms and the renal damage were relieved after the combination therapy, suggesting that the application of Peiyuan Huazhuo Decoction had the function of strengthening healthy qi and inducing diuresis .

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How To Help Yourself

In the event of an attack, there are a few things you can do to make yourself feel more comfortable:

  • Rest as much as possible and raise the affected limb using a cushion try not to touch or knock the joint, as it will feel very sensitive.

  • Gently apply an ice pack to the affected joint to keep it as cool as possible .

  • Apply the ice pack for no more than 20 minutes at a time. Remove, then let your skin return to its normal temperature before applying another ice pack.

  • If you have gout in part of your foot, ankle or knee, try placing a frame or cage over the affected joint when youre in bed to stop the weight of your bedclothes causing more discomfort

Vitamin C Intake And Incident Gout

The incidence of gout decreased with increasing intake of total vitamin C intake . Compared with men with vitamin C intake < 250mg/day, the multivariate relative risk of gout was 0.83 for total vitamin C intake 500999 mg/day, 0.66 for 1,0001,499 mg/day, 0.55 for 1500 mg/day . Absolute risk reductions associated with total vitamin C intake categories were 27 cases, 51 cases, and 69 cases per 100,000 person years. The multivariate RR per 500mg increase in total daily vitamin C intake was 0.83 . When we repeated our analyses using updated vitamin C intake without cumulative averaging and baseline vitamin C intake, multivariate RRs of gout between extreme categories of total daily vitamin C intake were 0.64 and 0.69 , respectively.

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When To See A Doctor

For many people, gout is a progressive disease. So you may start to notice more frequent flare-ups or more intense symptoms.

If you do, thats a good reason to call your doctor. Left untreated, gout attacks can eventually cause permanent damage to your joints.

Experiencing unpleasant or unusual side effects or not tolerating the side effects of the medicine youre taking are other good reasons to make an appointment with your doctor.

If you want to switch medications, try a new one, or add in a supplement, discuss that with your doctor too.

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