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Supplements To Help With Gout

Alerna Uric Acid Support

Best Vitamins for Gout

Alerna Uric Acid Support is the best herbal supplement for gout. This supplement is a unique combination of antioxidants, vitamins and herbs. The main ingredients in it are tart cherry, turmeric and grape seed extract.

The ingredients are carefully chosen to support normal kidney functioning, joints and reduce uric acid levels. The vitamin B complex and vitamin C present in it support normal kidney functioning. The tart cherry, vitamin E and quercetin will help to normalize the uric acid levels. Whereas the turmeric, bromelain, and grape seed extract will support the joints.


  • Specially developed by kidney specialists.
  • It is completely vegetarian friendly.
  • Manufactured in the USA at a government inspected facility.
  • The facility and quality are inspected by 3rd


How To Handle Your First Gout Attack

After a first attack of gout, its OK to try to stave off another one with dietary changes alone. But if you have another attack, its important to start taking preventive gout medications on a regular basis. Long-term medications for gout include allopurinol and febuxostat, both of which limit uric acid production.

Some patients, says Dr. Fields, treat each attack as a separate event and dont talk to their doctors about doing a preventive approach. He uses the analogy of lighting a book of matches. If you have one match lit, its easy to put out, but if you have the whole book lit, its a lot harder.

How Tart Cherry Extract Provides Relief

For those suffering from gout, you may find relief with the power of tart cherries . In fact, studies suggest that about 25% of people with gout use these and want to avoid problems with pharmaceuticals. Tart cherries have been noted for their aid in alleviating symptoms of gout thanks to their rich antioxidant content and anti-inflammatory powers.

These small fruits help to alleviate inflammation, a key element of a gout attack.

Scientists believe that part of the reason cherries might work is that they increase the excretion of urate and also limit the production of uric acid in the liver. The abundant urate crystals in those with gout stimulate the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines.

Cherry counteracts this problem and also protects the body and joints by providing good antioxidant coverage. This is an excellent non pharmacological option for the treatment of many of the problems associated with gout.

Tart cherries have many phytochemicals that help, but cyanidin is the most prevalent compound. These nutrient-rich cherries help to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in the body and may even help to offset the effect of gout on the bones and joints.

Reach for a bowl of fresh Montmorency cherries, a glass of sugar-free tart cherry juice, or a tart cherry supplement to stay on top of your symptoms. Tart cherries are not just for good gout but also insomnia, muscle pain, and over-exertion, and they offer an excellent way to help the body recover.

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Try Natural Remedies For Gout

There are some nutrients that could be helpful.

  • Proanthocyanidins can help neutralise uric acid and reduce inflammation
  • Quercetin can reduce uric acid and may also provide relief
  • Omega-3 fatty acids can reduce inflammation, so add a supplement if youre also cutting out certain seafoods that are rich in purines
  • Heard about cherry juice for gout? Its proposed that tart cherry juice could temporarily lower blood uric acid levels, but more research is required to fully understand this link5

Top 10 Best Supplements To Prevent Gout Pain

GoutOff Uric Acid Cleanse Supplement With Black Cherry Extract, Devils ...

The discomforts like pain caused by gout are not easy to handle. Taking appropriate supplements is the best way to reduce the discomfort, sweep off the excess uric acid, and prevent recurring gout deposits.

With all those different supplements available in the market, differentiating the right one from the junk becomes difficult. That is why, our research team has reached out some health experts to know which supplements are beneficial for gout. As per the experts information and personal research, we have picked out the best supplements for gout.

Quick Note: Before dwelling into the supplements, we recommend reading our How to Select Right Supplement for Gout Relief section for information regarding various factors we considered while selecting the best.

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Herbal Remedies For Gout You Should Consider


If you are suffering from terrible gout attacks, what can you do? How about trying herbal remedies. Studies show that certain gout medications run the risk of organ damage when used long term. Herbal remedies for gout can help you avoid this problem. There are several natural treatments you can use to avoid this painful disease. Some of them work while you are having an attack and some help reduce the likelihood of occurrence.

Mingmei Gout Cream & Spray

  • Cost: $49.99

Mingmei Gout Cream + Spray takes a two-step approach to relieving your symptoms of gout. During the day, you apply the cream to any painful areas, so that you can continue about your business and feel instant pain relief. At night, the spray is used to activate circulation and remove uric acid crystals in the joints.

No product label

What’s in these products? Ingredients include lily, mint leaf, cherry core, tea tree root and turmeric. But, there’s no product labels for you to see for yourself – at least, not one that you can read in any of the images provided.

Lack of information

Considering that Mingmei’s gout relief system had zero reviews at the time of our most recent visit, we definitely think there needs to be more detailed information given about this product. How often is it applied? How long can customers expect the two-step system to last when used as directed?

More expensive

The only plus side we could find is that the description clearly states that it is returnable for a refund. We found different details as to how long you have – 30 or 90 days – but at least that’s available. That’s important when you consider that at $49.99, this is one of the more expensive gout relief products on the market .

Look elsewhere first

Until more details are given about how this product works and what actual customers say about it after using it, we can’t recommend it as a gout relief system. Mingmei Gout Cream + Spray earns our lowest ranking for that reason.

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Cherries Uric Acid And Gout Attacks

A painful gout attack occurs when excess uric acid in the body forms crystals that collect in one or more joints, causing inflammation. Cherries have been shown to lower the levels of uric acid in the body and therefore might lower the risk of a gout attack.

See Hyperuricemia – High Uric Acid Levels and Gout

For example, one large online survey3 asked people with gout to report their experiences over the course of one year. People answered questions about their intake of cherries and cherry extract, alcohol, and certain foods and medications in the two days leading up to a gout attack.

The survey results found:

  • People who ate cherries or supplemented with cherry extract were 37% less likely to report gout attacks than people who had no cherry intake.
  • People who ate cherries or supplemented with cherry extract and also took allopurinol, a drug prescribed to reduce urate in the blood, were 75% less likely to report gout attacks than people who did neither.

For this study, researchers defined one serving of cherries as ½ cup, or about 10 to 12 cherries. More than 3 servings did not seem to provide additional benefits.

Home Remedies For Long

Gout Supplement-For Gout Prevention and Support

The American College of Rheumatology recommends a couple of lifestyle modifications for preventing future attacks of gout:

1) Lose weight if you need to. Being overweight can increase uric acid levels as well as put pressure on the joints.

2) Follow a low-purine diet. Another effective way to reduce uric acid levels is to follow a low-purine diet. Purines are organic compounds that break down into uric acid. Following a low-purine diet means avoiding the big four alcohol, shellfish, red meat, and high fructose corn syrup.

Limiting these foods is also beneficial for heart health and people with gout are at higher risk for heart disease.

But dont go overboard with dietary changes to relieve gout pain though, advises Dr. Fields. You can find lists of thousands of different foods youre not supposed to have if you have gout. Those recommendations are impossible to follow and can make you crazy.

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Medications Are Not Good For Gout Patients

Thiazide diuretics can result in gout, as they can interfere with uric acid elimination from the body. Thiazide diuretics can lower the water content in your body, and the low fluid percentage in your body will result in reduced blood pressure. Patients who regularly take diuretics may have dehydration, and their body retains a higher amount of uric acid.

Salicylates are non-steroidal drugs for relieving pain. Salicylates like aspirin will result in gout. They also prevent the flow of uric acid from your body. Those having gout symptoms must avoid taking salicylates as painkillers.

Supplements Can Be Gout Triggers

A gout attack is caused by a build up of uric acid in the body, which can lead to painful, red, swollen joints especially in the feet.

Certain foods have a lot to do with this build up of uric acid. Foods high in protein are the worst gout triggers.

Recently we had a patient come in with a bad gout attack. He couldnt understand what was causing it. He had read the gout diet and was really following it. He cut out the turkey, red meat, seafood and even the beer and still he kept getting frequent gout attacks. The one thing he never considered was a supplement he was taking.

Certain supplements can aggravate gout. You might want to limit how much of these supplements you take if you are very prone to gout.

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Pain Relief Without Medicine

Use cold. If your pain isn’t too bad, try cold packs or compresses on the joint to lower inflammation and soothe the ache. Wrap ice in a thin towel and apply it to the joint for up to 20 minutes several times a day. Do not apply ice to your hands or feet if you have nerve problems from diabetes or other causes.

Rest the joint. It’s a good idea to rest it until the pain eases up. You probably won’t want to move it much anyway. If you can, raise the joint on a pillow or other soft object.

Drink water. When your body doesnât have enough water, your uric acid levels rise even higher. Stay hydrated to help keep those levels normal.

Watch what you eat and drink. Foods that are high in substances called purines, such as some seafood, organ meats like liver, and fatty foods, can raise the uric acid in your blood even more. So can fructose-sweetened drinks and alcohol — especially beer.

Cherries May Lower Uric Acid

Herbs of Gold

Because small experimental studies have shown that cherries lower uric acid levels, researchers sought to determine whether eating cherries reduces gout attacks. Investigators evaluated cherry consumption in more than 600 people with gout and published their findings in the December 2012 issue of the journal Arthritis and Rheumatism. They found that consuming cherries daily resulted in a 35 percent lower risk of recurrent gout attacks. Combining cherry intake with the use of the gout medication allopurinol reduced gout attacks by 75 percent, according to the study.

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Why Do I Suffer From Gout

One word: hyperuricemia. Or, in other words, increased uric acid in your blood. This is the reason why your joints are painful and inflamed. Uric acid is a normal product in your body it is a substance that breaks down purines in your body which are found in certain foods that we eat, in addition to being found in human cells. When your body overproduces uric acid, youre at risk for developing gout. But, why would your body overproduce uric acid?

The triggers of hyperuricemia include:

  • Injury
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Eating large amounts of red meat and shellfish
  • Dehydration
  • Drinking sugary sodas

It is these types of triggers that can create the hyperuricemia, which can result in gout. When you overproduce uric acid, your kidneys have to work harder to flush out the extra uric acid out of your bloodstream, as they would normally do.

Additional Tips For Treating Gout Naturally

Studies show that many of the dietary items we consume lead to gout as well as other health problems. Changing your diet and lifestyle may be the easy solution to beating gout. One of the first things to do is eliminate certain foods and beverages from your diet to beat gout.

1. Eliminate or reduce sugar intake

As many studies are now illustrating, gout is common in people with excessive sugar intake, especially high fructose corn syrup Its wise to read the labels of all your food and drinks. If you find HFCS then eliminate that from your diet. In addition, look for sugar added under the guise of other common names for sugar look for cose at the end of words and these are probably types of sugar you dont want to be consuming.

2. Eliminate grains

Grains in the body are converted to sugars so again you want to limit or avoid grains altogether. They are also very inflammatory to your body.

3. Limit alcohol consumption

Again, alcohol becomes sugar once ingested so eliminate this completely unless you have a healthy body already. Any substance that will be converted to one or another type of sugar by the body should be avoided at all costs. In order to get your uric acid levels down you must consistently avoid sugar in your diet.

4. Eliminate soda and diet soda

5. Consume cherries and strawberries daily

6. Exercise

If you want to learn more natural remedies and natural cures, subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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Foods That Contain A High Amount Of Vitamins

  • Kakadu plum This superfood contains a higher amount of vitamin C compared to oranges. But, it is not easy to avail of this plum.
  • Acerola cherries Red acerola cherries contain a considerable amount of vitamin C. The best fact is that it has cancer-fighting properties and saves your skin from damage. You may also drink cherry juice to cure gout.
  • Rose hips These are sweet and tangy fruits loaded with a high amount of vitamin C, which is essential to prevent any type of inflammation.
  • Guavas -The tropical fruit is highly nutritional, and a single piece has 126 mg of vitamin C. The antioxidant lycopene is present in guavas to reduce the symptoms of gout. You will get several other health benefits from consuming guavas every day. For instance, you can maintain cholesterol levels with the consumption of guava.
  • Thyme You can add fresh thyme to your diet. The concentration of vitamin C is very high in culinary herbs like thyme. Thyme is effective in strengthening immunity and fighting against infections.
  • Kale A cup of chopped kale contains 80mg of vitamin C. Moreover, this vegetable is also a good source of vitamin K. However, cooking can decrease the level of vitamin C. You can have kale boiled and fried. It releases a high level of antioxidants. You can avoid chronic inflammatory disorders with this vitamin.
  • Minerals Good For Alleviating Your Gout Symptoms

    Vitamin C for Gout

    Zinc oxide nanoparticles have the potential to reduce oxidative stress. It is also useful for treating gouty arthritis. Moreover, magnesium is another element for lowering the amount of uric acid. Almonds, kale, mustard greens, and several other foods contain magnesium. Thus, choose the right foods, which contain gout-friendly minerals.

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    Bilberry As Herbal Remedy For Gout

    Bilberry, otherwise known as European blueberry, has been used for centuries to help with various ailments, including gout. Just as with blueberries, bilberry contains useful anthocyanins. Even though bilberries are physically smaller than blueberries, they actually have more anthocyanins than blueberries per the USDA anthocyanin rating chart. This is very important during an actual gout attack, because anthocyanins help with blood flow to your joints which helps reduce painful swelling.

    Bilberries also contain many antioxidants, although not as much as its counterpart, the blueberry. Antioxidants are important in helping reduce the intensity or occurrences of attacks. They accomplish this by helping reduce uric acid levels. Because of the bilberrys anthocyanin and antioxidant ability, it should definitely be considered as a remedy for gout. You can purchase it as a supplement or herbal tea at many nutritional stores.

    Bilberry: Things to Consider

    While most people should have no problem taking bilberry, as always consult with your doctor before taking any supplement. Some of the cautions regarding this herb are if you are diabetic. Bilberry can decrease your blood glucose levels, so if you are prone to hypoglycemia, this is definitely something you should consider beforehand.

    Ascertainment Of Incident Cases Of Gout

    We ascertained incident cases of gout by the American College of Rheumatology survey gout criteria, as previously described. Briefly, on each biennial questionnaire, participants indicated whether they had received a physician diagnosis of gout. We mailed to those subjects with self-reported incident gout 1986 onwards a supplementary questionnaire to confirm the report and to ascertain the American College of Rheumatology survey gout criteria., The primary end point in this study was an incident case of gout that met 6 or more of the 11 gout criteria., To confirm the validity of the survey gout criteria in our cohort, we reviewed the relevant medical records from a sample of 50 of the men who had reported having gout. The concordance rate of confirming the report of gout between the gout survey criteria and the medical record review was 94% .

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