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How To Reduce Gout Tophi

Baseline Characteristics Of Gout Patients With And Without Tophi


From a total of 257 patients with gout, 66 had tophi whereas the remaining 191 had no tophi at the time of the initial visit. The baseline characteristics of the study patients with and without tophi are shown in Table . The mean age of patients in the tophi group at diagnosis was significantly higher than that of patients in the no tophi group . The gender distribution was similar between the 2 groups. The median duration of symptoms prior to the diagnosis of gout was significantly longer in the tophi group than in the no tophi group . The 2 groups did not differ with respect to factors such as a history of renal stones, the family history, number of gout flares , concomitant medication , type of urate lowering therapy , presence of comorbidities . Among the study subjects, 162 patients were initially treated with febuxostat and 95 patients were treated with allopurinol. In the febuxostat group, 160/162 patients continued taking febuxostat during the follow-up period, and 2 patients discontinued the drug. In the allopurinol group, 84 patients changed to febuxostat and 11 patients stopped taking allopurinol. At baseline, the uric acid, blood urea nitrogen , creatinine and estimated glomerular filtration rate values, too, did not differ between the 2 groups.

Table 1 Baseline characteristics according to the presence of tophi.

How To Get Rid Of Tophi Lumps

how does tophi lump formdissolve the existing gouty tophi Hemen Ee has helped thousands of gout patients getting rid of their gout pain by neutralizing those excessive uric acid through 100% natural methods. Check out some of his e-books and get a new perspective of gout at

Target Sua In Chronic Gout

Since it is clear that gout is the consequence of the accumulation of uric acid in the body, the logical way to treat the condition is to lower the sUA level and deplete the body urate pool. The clinical manifestations of gout are due to deposition of MSU crystals and if the crystals are dissolved completely and no new crystals can form, then the condition is cured. To achieve this, the sUA must be reduced below the saturation point of MSU under physiological conditions.

This has been recognized in recent evidence-based recommendations from the European League against Rheumatism Task Force for Gout, which recommend that the sUA should be reduced to a target of 6 mg/dl . The authors of the recommendations point out that the target sUA level should be linked to the saturation level of MSU rather than to the normal laboratory range, which can vary between populations and with time. It is also acknowledged in the guidelines that the target sUA may vary depending on the characteristics of the patient and a lower target may be appropriate in patients with extensive crystal deposition. The British Society of Rheumatology has also published guidelines for the management of gout and these recommend a stricter sUA target of < 5 mg/dl .

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How To Get Rid Of Gout In Fingers At Home Naturally

> > Read Testimonials of Successfully Curing Gout at Home

A gout is a form of arthritis, which causes pain and inflammation in the joints. The condition is featured by symptoms like severe pain, swelling, redness, and a warm feeling in the affected area.

The increased concentration of uric acid in the blood is the major cause of gout. Gouty arthritis most commonly affects the big toe. However, it can involve other joints like knees, feet, ankles, hands, elbows, wrists, and fingers.

When the fingers are affected by gout, they are not the first location of a gout attack. Gout usually affects other body parts and then turns to fingers. Another important feature of finger gout is that it generally lasts longer as compared to gout attacks in other body parts.

Gout in fingers indicates that uric acid levels are not reduced by the treatment. It should be taken as a warning sign that you must try everything to control gout.

Krystexxa Can Resolve Tophi That Form When Uric Acid Crystals Build Up Under Your Skin

How to Recognize the Signs of Gout

Tophi are telltale signs your gout is out of control. When uric acid levels remain high, deposits of uric acid crystals can develop into hard visible lumps that damage your joints and bones. Tophi can be microscopic or large and, though rare, may need to be surgically removed. Its also possible for tophi to erupt on their own.

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Is Surgery For For Tophi Removal Necessary

From Peter:

Over the course of the least year a tophus has appeared on my left big toe on the cross joint beneath the toe nail. I now have pretty much zero movement in it in terms of bending the toe. Ive achieved this after six years of being a gout sufferer.

Ive been on 300mg allopurinol now for the last three months an the lump seems to still be gradually increasing in size .

About six months ago I consulted a consultant surgeon in London who told me that the it was best to leave it be and that movement in the joint had gone permanently and that he would operate if it became painful to remove the tophi by sawing away the joint either side of the tophi and then re attaching the toe.

My question is whether the allopurinol is likely to melt the tophi away in time, or whether its best just to go for the op and get it done with asap. I get a little pain at present but Im wondering if this is likely to increase? Or, is there any other alternative I should check out before going for an operation.

The dose of allopurinol is not important. Uric acid blood test results are the key. Get tested, and chances are that increasing allopurinol to maximum dose will shrink the tophi without surgery. Remember, surgery often makes gout worse, and has health risks, so best to use it only if low uric acid is not shrinking tophi fast enough.

What Can Trigger A Gout Attack

Several things can cause the crystals to shake loose into your joint cavity, triggering an attack. These include:

  • a knock or injury to the joint
  • an illness that may make you feverish
  • having an operation
  • having an unusually large meal, especially a fatty meal
  • drinking too much alcohol
  • dehydration
  • starting urate lowering therapy, especially at a high dose, or not taking your treatment regularly each day.

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How Is The Diagnosis Of Gout Made

  • Gout is diagnosed in the initial attack by using a needle and syringe to extract a small sample of fluid from around the affected joint space. MSU crystals can be identified under the microscope. This test is also important to rule out other causes of an inflamed joint, such as infection.
  • If a biopsy sample is taken, the specimen should be placed in alcohol, as formalin dissolves urate crystals.
  • Joint x-rays may show findings consistent with gout, but these findings are not diagnostic on their own. Furthermore, early on in the disease, x-rays may be normal or show soft tissue swelling only.
  • Urate levels may be elevated in the blood, but this finding alone is not diagnostic. In some cases, the level may even be below urate saturation.

How Apple Cider Vinegar Works For Gout

Chronic Gout Treatment – The Second Phase of Treating Gout (6 of 6)

ACV contains antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. It is full of nutrients, like potassium, amino acids, calcium, and iron, which can help reduce toxin buildup and help rid the body of excess levels of uric acid.

ACV also contains acetic acid, an ingredient that is effective at preventing and treating gout. According to some researchers, acetic acid turns alkaline inside the body and forms a pH-balanced environment that prevents gout.

ACV also contains malic acid. This ingredient is able to dissolve the uric acid in your blood, which could reduce the intense pain and soreness associated with gout.

Drinking apple cider vinegar breaks up the uric acid crystals and thwarts them from reforming in the joints by supporting proper blood circulation. It also promotes joint flexibility by reducing swelling and inflammation in the joints.

Some people even claim to experience gout relief a few hours after drinking apple cider vinegar.

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Hyperuricaemia As The Underlying Cause

It is clear that long-standing hyperuricaemia is the principal factor in the occurrence of gout, based not only on the epidemiological evidence, but also on physicochemical principles. Uric acid is a weak acid that is present in plasma as MSU. Numerous studies have shown that the solubility of MSU is strongly temperature dependent and that the saturation threshold at 37°C is 6.8 mg/dl . However, only a small proportion of patients with hyperuricaemia develop gout and hence other factors must determine whether crystal formation occurs. Several groups have shown that SF from gout patients enhances the formation of MSU crystals . In one study, the addition of SF from gout patients to super-saturated solutions of sodium urate under physiological conditions greatly enhanced crystal formation, whereas SF from OA patients had a modest effect and fluid from RA patients had little effect .

Crystals are present, and may be retrieved by aspirating the SF of gout patients during gout flares, but also during asymptomatic periods . However, no correlation has been observed between the size, shape and numbers of crystals in the SF and the severity of inflammationsome patients with severe acute gout may have only a few crystals. Hence, other factors must affect the severity of the inflammatory response in gout .

Formation of crystals may initially start in the joint cartilage in an orderly way, suggesting epitaxial nucleation and growth .

Gout Complications If Left Untreated

If left untreated, gout can lead to:

Kidney stones: Urate crystals may collect in the urinary tracts of those suffering from gout, resulting in kidney stones.

Advanced gout: Deposits of urate crystals can form under the skin in nodules called tophi. Tophi can develop in areas like your fingers, hands, feet, elbows, or Achilles tendons on the backs of your ankles. They are not painful, but they can become swollen and tender during a gout attack.

Recurrent gout/joint destruction: Untreated gout can lead to recurring attacksup to several times each year. It can also result in joint erosion or destruction.

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Krystexxa Can Make A Dramatic Difference Treating Tophi

In clinical trials, nearly half of KRYSTEXXA patients had at least one tophus completely go away after 6 months, and they didnt experience any new tophi growth. Finishing all your treatments is important to get the full benefit of KRYSTEXXA.

  • Before
Intended for U.S residents only.

What is the most important information I should know about KRYSTEXXA ?

Serious allergic reactions may happen in some patients who receive KRYSTEXXA. These allergic reactions can be life threatening and usually happen within 2 hours of the infusion.


KRYSTEXXA is a prescription medicine used in adults to help reduce the signs and symptoms of gout that are not controlled by other treatments.


What is the most important information I should know about KRYSTEXXA ?

Serious allergic reactions may happen in some patients who receive KRYSTEXXA. These allergic reactions can be life threatening and usually happen within 2 hours of the infusion.

KRYSTEXXA should be given to you by a doctor or nurse in a healthcare setting where serious allergic reactions can be treated. Your doctor or nurse should watch you for any signs of a serious allergic reaction during and after your treatment with KRYSTEXXA.

Tell your doctor or nurse right away if you have any of these symptoms during or after your treatment with KRYSTEXXA:

Who should not receive KRYSTEXXA?

KRYSTEXXA is not recommended if you have high levels of uric acid without a history of gout.

Acv And Cayenne Pepper Paste

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Gout: Causes ...

Cayenne pepper is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and flavonoids. This herb is great for gout symptoms like joint pain and nerve damage in the feet.

Here is how to combine it with ACV for a great gout remedy.


  • 2 tbsp organic apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tsp cayenne pepper powder


  • Mix the ingredients together to form a paste, and apply it over the affected joints.
  • Repeat once daily for best results, and until symptoms are controlled.

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Who Is Most Likely To Get Gout Tophi

Someone who has been diagnosed with gout but rarely has a flare up perhaps you have an attack once or twice a year will be less likely to develop tophi.

Youre most apt to get these nodules if you have frequent, severe attacks. Frequent episodes of gout are an indication that your uric acid levels are consistently too high. That can happen to anyone with gout, but its more likely if you dont follow your doctors instructions and dont take your prescribed medication to keep uric acid levels in check.

How Are Tophi Treated

The good news about these disfiguring and potentially disabling bumps is that theyre not necessarily permanent.

The same treatments that are used to lower uric acid levels to prevent gout flares are also effective in decreasing the size of tophi, says Dr. Quinn. Your doctor will most likely prescribe a uric acid-lowering drug called allopurinol, though other medications such as febuxostat, probenecid, and pegloticase are sometimes used instead. Read more about gout treatment options.

To get rid of visible tophi, your doctor may have to increase your medication dosage to ensure that your uric acid level is kept extra low. Normally we try to get uric acid down to 6 mg/dL, but if you have tophi we tend to shoot for 5 mg/dL, says Kenneth Saag, MD, professor of medicine in the division of clinical immunology and rheumatology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. We need to get it below the level at which the uric acid is able to crystallize.

Dissolving large uric acid lumps is a slow process. Depending on how long youve had tophi, you might need to take medication for six months or longer before you see the tophi start to shrink or disappear.

In some rare instances, surgery may be warranted to treat gout tophi. Your doctor should only suggest surgery if your case is extreme for instance, your tophi have become infected, are causing major joint deformity or severe pain, or are compressing crucial nerves in your body .

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What This Means For You

Stamp encourages patients to take control. If your gout is managed well, you should have no gout attacks. If you are still having regular attacks or have tophi, talk to your doctor. It is important that your blood uric acid levels are checked and your urate-lowering medicines adjusted to reduce your uric acid and improve your symptoms.

Dr. Kay agrees. Reducing the total body urate burden will improve control of gouty arthritis, and perhaps improve hypertension and reduce cardiovascular morbidity as well, he says.Beth Axtell for the Arthritis Foundation

How To Get Rid Of Gout Tophi Naturally


By | Submitted On February 11, 2010

Tophi gout is that painful stage in gout where horrible-looking ‘lumps’ appear at the joints. And if left untreated they can cause some serious issues. Luckily, there are drugs that can help, but they can have side effects, and, they need to be taken regularly. But, there are natural treatment alternatives for tophi gout you should discuss with your doctor.

Tophi gout is caused by the build-up of uric acid salts in and around the joints affected by gout. This usually happens as a result of prolonged, frequent, and repetitive gout attacks arising from elevated uric acid levels in the bloodstream.

They are normally seen as chalky-colored, bulging lumps under the skin at the joint affected. And although by far the most common joint for gout is the big toe, tophi can appear in almost any joint. They can also be seen at the ear ridges.

Apart from the fact that they are horrible and unsightly, untreated tophi can eventually lead to serious complications such as permanently damage to joints and surrounding tissue. They can also become ulcerated and septic, so septicemia is a possibility that would need urgent medical attention.

Since tophi is caused by continuously elevated uric acid levels, the key is to reduce those levels and keep them at a level that prevents tophi forming. Of course, this also means that recurring gout attacks are prevented.

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Treatment Of An Acute Attack Of Gout

Options for treatment to relieve the pain of an acute attack of gout include:

  • NSAIDs These are generally the medicines of choice for most patients who do not have underlying health problems. Aspirin should be avoided as it can alter urate levels and worsen the attack.
  • Corticosteroids If only one joint is involved, corticosteroids can be injected directly into the joint space. Otherwise, oral prednisone 20-40mg daily is prescribed for 10-14 days.
  • Colchicine Up until recently, colchicine was the treatment of choice for acute gout. However, due to recent safety concerns, colchicine is now only recommended if NSAIDs or corticosteroids are inappropriate. High dose colchicine therapy is no longer recommended because of its toxicity.

The above medicines do not prevent joint damage, tophi, or kidney disease.

Dietary Changes To Improve Gout Symptoms

As gout is associated with diet, here are my top foods to avoid or minimize:

Foods to avoid or minimize:

  • Purine-rich foods including: beef, goose, organ meats, sweetbreads, mussels, anchovies, herring, mackerel, yeast, spinach, asparagus, beans, lentils, mushrooms and dried peas. 00099-2/fulltext” rel=”nofollow”> 18)
  • Oxalate-rich foods including: spinach, rhubarb, beets, nuts, chocolate, black tea, wheat bran, strawberries and beans.
  • Common allergens including dairy, wheat , corn, and food additives.
  • Refined foods including white breads, pastas and sugars.

Foods to eat and enjoy:

  • High fiber foods including: barley, bran, rye, brown rice, avocados, potatoes and bananas.
  • Vitamin C-rich foods including: oranges, red and green bell peppers, broccoli, strawberries, guava, kiwi and Brussels sprouts.
  • Magnesium-rich foodsincluding: pumpkin seeds, yogurt or kefir, almonds, avocados, figs, artichokes, cashews and wild-caught salmon.
  • Cherries and unsweetened cherry juice. Try my recipe for cherry limeade.
  • Omega-3 rich foodslike wild-caught salmon and tuna, walnuts, flaxseed, chia seeds, natto and grass-fed dairy.

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