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Does Foot Massage Help Gout

Massage For Gout Pain


Talk to any gout sufferer and they tell you they’re ready to try almost anything that might relieve the aches and pains caused by a gout attack. Alongside the range of medical treatments available, many gout sufferers also experiment with alternative and natural remedies. While neither medical treatment nor natural therapies can fully cure gout, they can help gout sufferers to control their symptoms and maintain as normal a lifestyle as possible when gout strikes. Massage and aromatherapy are just two elements of alternative treatment available for gout, and if you are a sufferer, even one who believes firmly in traditional medicine, they are worth considering.

Types Of Massage For Gout Relief

The distinction between the two types of massage is important:

Superficial massage of areas affected by gout should relieve symptoms. Deep tissue massage of areas affected by gout should be avoided.

Detailed investigation of massage techniques is beyond the scope of GoutPal. However I have had a brief look at studies of massage and they appear to confirm benefits of massage for inflamed tissues.

Why Is The Foot The Main Target Of Gout

The foot is the main target of gout because of the pull of gravity and the lower temperature in the foot, which aids uric acid crystallization. As mentioned earlier, hyperuricemia can be due to excessive amounts of uric acid or an inability of the kidneys to eliminate the uric acid. Sometimes, a combination of these problems exists:

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Gout And Massage Link

By now you should know that gout and massage are linked. The main advantage is the ability to promote blood flow and circulation in general. Other benefits include increased ability of your body to absorb uric acid.

All of the above are important and needed benefits, period. To get all of them, you will need a massage a couple of times per week. I recommend you 3-4 times if possible.

Best Foot Spa For Arthritis Feet & Gout: Top 10 Reviews

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Rheumatoid arthritis treatment does not involve medical treatment alone as there are other physical therapies that help manage arthritis pain in the foot and that includes getting the best foot spa for arthritis feet.

The importance of foot spa cannot be overemphasized in our daily activities, there are lots of benefits derive from getting a soothing massage in a good spa foot spa bucket.

Our feet are always stressed due to overuse, leading to so many foot injuries like arthritis. As much as medical care is important in managing the pain, it simply cannot be enough to completely eradicate it, so, getting a good spa massager is very golden.

Here in this article, we review some of the best foot spas suitable for arthritis. There are so many foot spa massager and picking a good and durable one might be inundating. We, however, believe this will be a good buying guide to help you select the best spa massager for arthritis feet.

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When It Comes Down To It There Are Several Treatment Options Available Ranging From Medications Surgery And Even Tens And Acupuncture Treatment

Everyone has it different. If you suffer from foot neuropathy, the reason you do so might be different from a cancer patient, and because of this the neuropathy itself might present itself slightly differently from the other case.

Did You Know TENS Is A Treatment Option For Neuropathy!?

If you suffer from neuropathy in the feet, the best thing you can do is speak to your doctor and maybe even get him/her to recommend and refer you to a specialist. Coming back to massage..

What Are Bunions & Why Do They Form

What are bunions anyways, and why do they form? According to WebMD, its basically a bony bump on the joint where your foot meets the big toe. Its this bony bump that gives the bunion its trademark appearance we are all so used to seeing, and thats because it forces the big toe to turn inward and push against the other toe.

So why does it happen? Its hard to say because there could be many reasons for bunion formation. For one person, it might be because of wearing improperly sized foot wear or foot wear thats too tight. Because of this the toes get cramped and pushed together, and over time a bunion forms.

Heres What Actually Happens With Your Bones!

For another person, it might be completely genetic and hereditary. Maybe your mother/father had a foot bunion, and so you may be more likely to inherit the same. For another person, inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis could be a potential contributing factor in bunion formation.

These are just a few of the reasons, but there are many more. Of course everyone is different and understanding why you have bunions to begin with will help you determine the best means of treatment.

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Top 10 Best Foot Spa For Rheumatoid Arthritis And Gout

Do you need a good foot spa for arthritis feet? This foot spa is one of the best multi-functioning foot bath massagers suitable for a great spa experience and relieving foot muscles. It is very popular among the buyers and it is one of the most purchased foot spas on Amazon with amazing buyers feedback.

Arthritis feet need functions like heating, vibration, and massage for better and effective massage experience to enhance blood flow. Ivation Foot Spa Massagerhas all these features, making it a suitable foot bath massager for arthritis and other foot conditions.

It has motorized rollers, making it easier to use by the buyers. You will not need to glide your feet but you can only control the level of massage by how hard you press your feet on the rollers. It is also equipped with other pedicure accessories to ensure everything you need is readily available.

Bubbles in the water for spa give this soothing and relaxing feeling. It improves the oxygen content in the water and the sound on the feet gives relaxing feelings that can help you sleep better. The foot spa is very easy to carry from one place to another and easy to dispose of its content after each usage.

This foot spa has everything you need for a foot spa session except the motorized rollers. Since the rollers are non-motorized, you will need to glide your feet on them to create massage experience to the feet. How hard you glide will also determine the intensity of the massage.

Relieve Gout Pain With Self Massage

Acute Gout Treatment – How You Can Relieve the Sudden Onset of Pain (5 of 6)

Gout is a condition that causes pain and swelling in the joints. The condition can cause so much discomfort that it can disrupt the afflicted person’s sleep and ability to move around. In its most simplistic explanation, gout is a condition where uric acid crystallizes and settles in the joints because the body is unable to naturally get rid of the excess. Gout tends to affect the feet and hands the most.

Massage therapy can be used to treat the pain because it promotes blood circulation which can reduce swelling and inflammation. Massage therapy will not get rid of the problem and if you would like long term pain relief, you should make sure you modify your diet and get enough exercise. Diet modifications include reducing foods rich in protein, avoid coffee and limiting alcohol. Make sure you drink enough water, six to eight eight-ounce glasses a day.

It’s not necessary to hire a professional massage therapist to enjoy the benefits of massage for gout. This can be costly and not everyone has insurance to cover the expenses. It’s possible to enjoy the benefits of massage by learning a few moves yourself.

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If Massage Doesnt Work What Else Can I Do

There are a few different options when it comes to treating bunions. The more conservative ones include ice application to help with inflammation, changing shoes to those that offer more space to the toes , wearing bunion pads/cushions etc. Surgery is of course also an option, but I personally would consider this as a last resort. However, thats just me.

Is It Better To Use Heat Or Cold For Arthritis

The answer is not straightforward as both heat and cold are great for arthritis. The best treatment is to alternate between heat therapy and cold therapy.

The heat therapy may be used in relaxing muscles and joint stiffness. It also helps heat the joint, ease muscle spasm and lubricate the joint.

Cold therapy, on the other hand, is more suitable for inflammation reduction and reducing arthritis pain.

The combination of both therapies seems to be more effective than using only either the cold or heat. Heat therapy is great for warming up the joint before exercise while cold can be used after exercise.

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Stress And Gout Attacks

Last up in our exploration of getting relief with a massage for gout is how a massage helps with stress management. Stress management is a top method for how to treat gout symptoms naturally. Stress can trigger a gout attack or exacerbate symptoms if youre already in the midst of one. Unfortunately, this forms a sort of bilateral negative impact as pain from a gout attack can cause stress while that stress then enhances the pain from the gout attack.

There are a number of easy ways to manage stress. If youre using a massage chair for gout symptoms, youll find the deepened relaxation and pain relief you might experience during use helps alleviate stress. Studies have shown that even 5-minute hand or foot massages had profound effects on a patients perceived stress and anxiety levels. Other techniques you can use even while using a massage chair include meditation, journaling, or listening to calming music.

Meditation during massage may help increase its effects on stress management. Mindfulness meditation is one of the most common forms of meditation practiced in tandem with getting a massage for anxiety and stress. This form of meditation is about centering your mind and acknowledging your thoughts without judgement.

For more information on massage chair health benefits and how they might enhance your lifestyle, check out these additional resources:

Should You Massage The Affected Gouty Joints

Managing Out

Massage therapy seems to provide relief for most gout sufferers. However, majority of massage therapists believe that massaging the sore, gouty joints is definitely not a good idea. In fact, massage should be avoided if you happen to be suffering from a gout attack as it can do further damage to the affected joint. Remember, we are dealing with sharp crystallized uric crystals. It will add to the pain you are trying to endure.

During a period of inflammation, it would be best to rest the affect area. But in between gout attacks, receiving massage can be beneficial. Since massage is known to improve blood flow and blood oxygen saturation, it is wise to massage the affected joints to soften the tissues, get your previously affected joints back in shape, and increase much needed blood circulation to those gout ravaged areas.

While gout cannot be cured, it can be controlled with a number of natural remedies and treatments. Massage is helpful in the management of gout with the previously mentioned improvement of circulation to the affected joints and its surrounding tissues, which speeds healing time by reducing swelling and inflammation. This will also help limit spasms from tense muscles and joints and will reduce your pain in the future.

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Apple Cider Vinegar For Gout

Another home remedy to try is the Apple Cider Vinegar or most known as ACV. ACV is another home remedy that you can find at home to treat your gout problems. It contains strong anti-inflammatory properties, and it has a substance called acetic acid.

These ingredients, combined with potassium, vitamins, mineral salts, amino acids, and other organic acids, can help you maintain the proper pH level in the body. As a result, this will reduce the level of uric acid inside your body.

Gout is commonly caused by having too much acidic pH level. But having the acetic acid in ACV counterbalances this acidic cause of painful gout symptoms. Acetic acid turns from acidic to alkaline inside the body.

It helps you rebalance your pH level and create an environment where gout cannot survive. You can put ACV in your drink or have your feet soak in ACV with a water mixture will do the trick.

In That Sense Its Only The Symptoms That Massage Addresses When It Comes To Neuropathy Important To Make Sure You Understand This

Before we talk more about massage, I just wanna digress for a moment and talk about what can be done to treat neuropathy. You may be wondering is there a permanent fix? According to the Cleveland Clinic, some types of neuropathy can be cured, while others cannot. For the latter, the approach is more tailored around managing the condition by treating symptoms .

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Is There A Natural Way To Get Rid Of Gout

The urine crystallizes and settles down inside the joints. While there are some gout treatments that require medication from a doctor, there are also natural ways to relieve gout. One of those natural methods is through reflexology and foot massage. Here you will find a guide to help you get rid of your big toe gout through foot massage.

Do Foot Massagers Work For Neuropathy

The BEST Video About Gout Ever Made

Foot massagers are often used to relieve general pain, but can they alleviate neuropathic pain? Neuropathy is a condition where the nerves in the bodyincluding those that run through the legs and feetbecome damaged from an injury or illness.

This can cause tingling, numbness, and weakness in your toes and feet. Neuropathy is common for people with diabetes, as well as those who have had chemotherapy or have been diagnosed with lupus. Foot massage may be an effective way to treat some of these symptoms like tingling and numbness.

In fact, it has been shown to help improve circulation to the feet and reduce swelling. It also provides relief from other conditions such as heart disease and arthritis. However, it is not known if foot massage can alleviate neuropathy specifically.

Its important to see your doctor before using a foot massager if you think you may have neuropathy or any other condition that could be exacerbated by this therapy.

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Can Massaging Your Big Toe Cure Gout

Category: HealthPosted: 16 May 2019

Posted: 16 May 2019

Gout is a form of inflammatory arthritis that can cause sudden and acute pain in certain joints of your body. The pain is often accompanied by swelling in the affected area. Gout pain is most commonly felt in the big toe, but can also affect the joints in your fingers, knees, elbows or wrists.

Gout usually affects men who are middle-aged and older, but can affect women too, especially after menopause. The condition is caused by an excess of uric acid in the blood that assembles over time and forms into crystalline deposits. These deposits end up against the cartilage and bones that form our joints and cause severe pain and swelling.

Some people have gout as a hereditary condition but often it occurs as a result of poor diet and lifestyle choices over a longer period of time. It is painful and miserable to suffer from gout but the good news is that the condition does not usually lead to long-term joint damage. Furthermore, if you spot it and take action soon, gout can be relatively easily controlled and treated.

Other Tips For Gout Clients

While there are not a lot of therapeutic applications that a massage therapist can offer to clients having an acute gout episode, bodyworkers are in a prime position to be a health advocate. Good suggestions for managing gout include:

  • To ease the pain during a gout attack, advise your client to rest the painful joint and consider a physician-prescribed or over-the-counter pain reliever. Because aspirin may raise uric acid levels and can worsen gout, remind your client to avoid taking aspirin.
  • To keep future attacks to a minimum, suggest discussing medications for reducing uric acid buildup with his or her doctor.
  • To prevent future attacks, advise dietary awareness to eliminate or minimize purine-rich foods. Some of the bigger culprits of eliciting a gouty attack are beer, red meat, organ meat, shellfish, asparagus, lentils, anchovies, sardines and poultry.
  • As a preventative, there are studies that suggest drinking lots of water and dark cherry juice help reduce uric acid levels. While supplements containing Vitamin C may reduce the levels of uric acid in the blood, mega doses may do just the opposite. Thus, suggest increasing Vitamin C intake through fruit and vegetables especially oranges.

Since gout is not that uncommon, many bodyworkers are likely to encounter clients with this painful type of arthritis. If the therapist is familiar with this condition, he or she can avoid aggravating the affected joint and help guide his or her client to better manage gouty arthritis.

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Unblocking Uric Acid & Calcium Crystals

The feet lie farthest from the heart therefor it makes sense that circulation tends to stagnate in this area. Waste matter such as uric acid crystals and calcium crystals drawn by gravity can accumulate at the bottom of the feet causing blockages. By working the underpart of our feet we are trying to clear blockages thereby reestablishing correct energy flow and allowing the body to bring itself back to optimal health. So, as I tell many clients, reflexology by itself cannot diagnose or cure any disease however, it can reunite the body with optimal balance and facilitate internal healing.

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