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Best Medicine For Gout In Homeopathy

Role Of Homoeopathy In Cases Of Gout

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The number of evidence-based studies on homoeopathic treatment of gout is very limited. An open-label observational trial to assess the effect of individualised homoeopathic medicine in patients with gout was found to have a positive result.

A prospective, randomised, single-blind placebo-controlled study was conducted with an objective to evaluate improvement in the SUA level and visual analogue scale score of pain. The mean score reduction in the medicinal group was higher than in the placebo group the difference was statistically significant. It is being claimed that homoeopathic medicines are efficacious in treating gout but enough evidences are lacking.

This study was undertaken for that very purpose. We collected secondary data from hospital records and pathological reports to find out the degrees of improvement in cases of gout after administration of individualised homoeopathic medicines and also the frequently indicated remedies . This has helped to state the effectiveness of homoeopathy in cases of gout.

Table 1::

Frequently prescribed medicine

Arnica: For Gout With Great Fear Of Being Touched


Arnica is a very widely used Homoeopathic medicine for different complain of joints and pain.

The patient is fearful of being touched or approached. It increases his pain and suffering. The character of pain is like bruised or beaten.

The joints feel sprained or dislocated. One of the characteristic features of Arnicas patient is that everything on which he lies seems too hard. He cannot walk erect.

The lower joints are first involved, followed by pain and swelling in the upper joints.

The pain, swelling and redness become worse by touch or damp cold weather. The patient feels better by lying down.

Potency And Dosage:

Use Arnica in 1M potency, four pills or drops once daily for one week. One can also use Arnica in 200ch potency, four pills or drops thrice daily till improvement occurs.

S That Are Even More Natural

In order to give your body the proper support it needs, and specifically maintaining healthy joints and cartilage, you generally have to avoid consuming foods that are high in uric acid content, with many of these foods being meats.

Beef, herring, mackerel, anchovies, sardines and game meats are some examples of meats to avoid. It is also recommended that you drink 8 glasses of water per day for systemic detoxification purposes.

While drinking this much water every few months it is best to avoid drinking any alcoholic beverages so that you can keep uric acid levels down.


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Homeopathic Medicine For Gout

Homeopathy can help treat gout effectively. They relieve painful symptoms of an acute gout attack by aiding the elimination of excessive uric acid from the body. Symptoms like pain, swelling, tenderness in the affected joints are manageable with these medicines. Following this, the treatment for excess uric acid can help treat the chronic tendency to develop frequent episodes of gout.

Calcarea Fluorica: For Gouty Enlargements Of The Joints

Homeopathy Treatment For Gout


Calcarea Flour is beneficial in dissolving hard gouty nodosities or tophi. It can treat the disfigurement of the joints due to gout.

It acts by dissolving the extra uric acid deposits in the joints. The patient complained of stiff and contracted joints. He complains of a hard and stinging sensation in the affected joint.

Calcarea Flour can treat the gouty enlargements of the joints of the fingers. It is helpful for the treatment of chronic tophaceous gout.

The symptoms are worse by rest, any changes in the weather. The suffering is better by warm application.

Potency And Dosage:

For best results, use Calcarea Flour in 6x potency , four tablets four times a day. One can also use Calcarea Flour in 1M potency, four pills or drops every alternate day for 15-20 days.

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Top 2 Homeopathic Medicines For Gout With Nodes Formation

Lithium Carb and Benzoic Acid are the best natural Homeopathic medicines for elevated uric acid levels with gouty node formation around the joints. Here, Lithium Carb is more suited to nodes over small joints, while Benzoic Acid is most effective for gouty nodes around the large joints. The indicating features for the use of Benzoic Acid are hard, painful nodes over large joints, mainly the knee, stitching/tearing pains in joints, and cracking in joints on motion. The pain may get worse at night. Highly offensive urine may also appear with these joint symptoms. The symptoms for selecting Lithium Carb are tophi/nodes over small joints, mainly toes and fingers and swelling, pain and tenderness over the affected joint. Relief of joint pain from warm applications is a peculiar symptom for using Lithium Carb.

Homeopathic Mode Of Treatment In Gout

The Homeopathic mode is very effective for the treatment of acute as well as chronic Gout. The natural Homeopathic remedies help to reduce the high uric acid levels by working towards elimination and preventing accumulation. Alongside, the Homeopathic medicines provide relief from the symptoms. Even in cases where nodes have formed over the joint from prolonged elevated uric acid levels, Homeopathy offers great help. The natural remedies are also very beneficial when kidney stones get formed from high uric acid levels.

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Some Home Remedies For Gout

  • Try apple cider vinegar Helping to make the body more alkaline, apple cider vinegar has become a well-known proven solution for countless ailments, including gout. Try mixing 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 8 ounces of water. You can either drink it in one sitting or sip on it over time try both methods and see which is more effective. This solution can reduce pain by 90% within a day or two. Note: Be sure to use organic apple cider vinegar with the mother.
  • Baking Soda Among other home remedies for gout is the use of baking soda. Mixing baking soda in water can effectively relieve pain almost instantly, though it may take 1-2 days. Mix 1/2 teaspoon baking soda in 8 oz. of water and drink it in one sitting. You may need to repeat this a few times a day, taking as much as 3 teaspoons total. Reduce the dose as the pain goes away. Note: The maximum recommended dose is 4 teaspoons throughout the day. Lastly, use caution if you suffer from hypertension, as baking soda may raise blood pressure when taken in larger amounts.
  • Eliminate sugar and sodaWhether its caffeinated or not, drinking two sodas each day can increase your risk of gout by a whopping 85%! Why? Sugar! Reduce sugar intake dramatically and risk of experiencing gout will dramatically drop.
  • HydrateDrink plenty of water. This will help flush out the excess uric acid.
  • Reduce alcohol consumptionAlcohol dehydrates the body and could raise uric acid levels in the blood.
  • Reduce caffeine intake.

Natural Home Remedies For Gout

High Uric Acid Best Homeopathic Medicine|| Gout Arthritis Treatment |

People with gout are increasingly looking for natural home remedies for gout. So, if youre in that group, here are ten of the most popular and effective.

But first, please take a couple of minutes to listen to gout specialist, the excellent Dr. Edwards

To summarize:

  • Middle-aged men are most at risk although women also have a higher risk as they grow older.
  • Once you have gout its for life, not just when youre suffering the symptoms of a gout attack.

Note: Dr. Edwards spoke about the links between obesity, alcohol and gout and explained that not all people who are obese or who drink to excess have gout.

However, studies have shown that obesity and alcohol are high risk factors for gout. So although some people who are obese, or who drink to excess, may not have gout now, nevertheless they are still at a higher risk of gout at some point in their lives compared with those who are not obese and who dont drink to excess.

For me, the two main takeaways from Dr. Edwards very informative video are:

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Colchicum: For Gout With Great Toe Involvement


Colchicum is one of the best remedies in homeopathy for the treatment of gout.

The most commonly involved joint is the great toe. The affected joint becomes red, hot and painful.

The patient experiences a tearing and stinging pain. There is a sensation of pins and needles in the hands and wrists.

Evening and warm weather make the symptoms worse. There are gouty deposits in the heel.

The great toe is highly inflamed. The patient cannot bear touch or movement in the affected joint.

The legs and feet can be swollen due to gout.

Potency and dosage:

Colchicum 1M can be taken as four pills or drops once a week till improvement occurs. Colchicum 200CH can be taken as four pills or drops once daily till improvement occurs.

Colchicum in 30CH can be taken as four pills or drops twice daily till improvement occurs.

Homeopathic Remedies For Gout

Homeopathic Remedies for Gout are natural remedies that restore balance in your body, particularly in your uric acid levels. They relieve your symptoms of gout, like redness, swelling, and pain from acute gout or chronic gout. You dont want to just treat gout, you want to reverse it, and you can using natural remedies for gout like homeopathy and organic herbals. There are specific foods you should avoid, that can make your gout worse.

And there are also foods to eat for gout. They will help you prevent the gout triggers that cause a gout flare. You want to eat more alkaline foods and reduce acidic foods and beverages that can cause painful gout inflammation and swelling. Youll see which foods to eat, which to avoid and what natural supplements to take to help you naturally reverse your gout for good.

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Rhus Tox: For Gouty Pains Better Get Better By Movement


Rhus tox is an excellent remedy for the treatment of muscle and joint issues.

It is used to treat gout which causes hot and painful joints.

One of the characteristic symptoms of selection of Rhus tox is that the patient gets relieved by motion and his symptoms get worse due to rest.

The knee joint is commonly involved. It becomes tender, hot and red.

There is a crawling sensation on the tips of fingers. There is tingling in the feet.

Wet and rainy weather makes the symptoms worse. Warmth and motion relieve the symptoms.

Potency and dosage:

Rhus tox 1M can be taken as four pills or drops once a week till improvement occurs. Rhus tox 200CH can be taken as four pills or drops once daily till improvement occurs.

Rhus tox in 30CH can be taken as four pills or drops twice daily till improvement occurs.

Colchicum Best Homeopathic Medicine For Gout Affecting Great Toe And Heels

NoGout Homeopathy Medicine Kit for Gout treatment, High Uric Acid

Natural Homeopathic remedy Colchicum is considered the top medicine for Gout of great toe . Here, the great toe is markedly red, swollen, painful, hot and tender. Colchicum also gives excellent results to cure Gout that settles over the heels with excessive pain. So intense is the pain that it can even make a person scream and cry. Touch and movement worsen the pain in the toe and heel. The pain also gets aggravated at night.

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What Causes Gout Or High Uric Acid

As mentioned in the previous para, gout is caused by the deposition of urate crystals in the joints, which in turn occurs because of excess of uric acid. To know what causes excess of uric acid, one needs to understand that uric acid is formed by the body in its digestive system. This happens when metabolism of purine in our diet occurs. These purines are to be found in a good quantity in meats, seafood, alcohol and beer.

Therefore diet and ones lifestyle has an important role in increased uric acid or gout. Some diets that are rich in purine end up causing an increased production of uric acid. In other cases, it may be due to a completely sedentary lifestyle.

Less intake of water also may be to blame in some cases as water plays an important role in washing out the excess of the uric acid. Regular usage of some medicines also cause the uric acid levels to rise. Another important factor is being overweight as obese people are much more likely to get gout as compared to those who have normal weight.

Urtica Urens Top Homeopathic Medicine For Acute Gout With High Uric Acid Levels

Urtica Urens is the best natural Homeopathic remedy for Acute Gout with high uric acid levels. Urtica Urens has a brilliant power to not only lower the uric acid levels, but also resolve the related symptoms. It also shortens the attack of Gout in a very effective and safe manner. Urtica Urens promotes the elimination of uric acid. The uric acid starts to pass in urine and thereby brings relief from Acute Gout symptoms. Apart from this, Urtica Urens is also the top Homeopathic medicine that works as an antidote for the effects of shell fish. Another prominent indication for using Urtica Urens is Gout associated with urticaria.

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Calcarea Phos: For Gout With Weak Joints


Calcarea Phos is also used as a calcium supplement in Homoeopathy. It can treat several joint complaints occurring at any age.

It is beneficial for children to old age group. For gout, it is given when the joints become stiff with a cold and numb feeling.

Pain occurs in joints and bones. The patient is unable to walk on stairs due to pain in joints.

Any change of weather makes the symptoms worse. The affected joint is very painful, swollen and discomforting.

Potency And Dosage:

For best results, use Calcarea Phos in 6x potency, four tablets four times a day.

One can also use Calcarea Phos in 1M potency, four pills or drops once every alternate day for 15-20 days.

Role Of Individualized Homoeopathic Medicine In The Treatment Of Gout

Top 5 – Homeopathy Medicines for Uric Acid – Dr P. S. Tiwari
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How to cite this article: Biswas B, Mandal S. Role of individualized homoeopathic medicine in the treatment of gout – An observational study. J Intgr Stand Homoeopathy 2021 4:75-9.

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Best Natural Homeopathic Medicines To Treat Gout

Gout is an inflammatory joint disease that arises due to an increase in levels of the uric acid in the blood. Any joints in the body can be affected with gout, although the joint at the base of the great toe has a higher chance of developing the condition. Increased uric acid is not a disease and by itself is not dangerous. However, if excess uric acid levels lead to formation of crystals between the joints, gout can develop. In some individuals excess levels also lead to the formation of kidney stones. Please remember not all who have high levels of uric acid, develop gout. Homeopathic medicine for gout helps relieve the symptoms and also reduce the associated swelling in the joints. These medicines can be a big boon for all those who suffer from high uric acid. These medicines work by reducing the uric acids overproduction by the body and where the need be, by accelerating the removal of this waste product from through the kidneys.

Preparation Of Plant Extract

After proper cleaning, Berberis vulgaris was ground into apowder with the help of a grinder. The powdered plant material was soaked inhydro-alcoholic 30/70 v/v solvent for 15 days with stirring occasionally in aday. Afterward, the solvent was evaporated through a rotary evaporator10 and kept in a cool and dry place for further use in experiments.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Gout

  • Warmth, pain, swelling, and extreme tenderness in a joint, usually a joint. This symptom is called Podagra. The pain often starts during the night. It may get worse quickly, last for hours, and be so intense that even light pressure from a sheet is intolerable.
  • Very red or purplish skin around the affected joint. The joint may appear to be infected.
  • Limited movement in the affected joint.
  • Peeling and itching of the skin around the affected joint as the gout gets better.
  • Some people may not experience gout as many painful attacks. Instead, they have gout nearly all the time . Chronic gout in older adults may be less painful and can be confused with other forms of arthritis.
  • Gout may lead to inflammation of the fluid sacs that cushion tissues, particularly in the elbow and knee .
  • Gout can also affect the joints of the feet, ankles, knees, wrists, fingers, and elbows.
  • Symptoms may occur after an illness or surgery.
  • Gout may first appear as nodules on the hands, elbows, or ears. You may not have any of the classic symptoms of a gout attack.

Ledum Pal Top Homeopathic Medicine For Gout Affecting Fingers And Ankles

Gout and its permanent cure with homeopathic medicine _ Bashir Mahmud ...

Ledum Pal is among the best Homeopathic medicines for high uric acid levels leading to Gout of finger joints or ankles. The affected joint is painful, hot, swollen and red. Cracking in joints may also be present. The pains can be throbbing or stitching in nature. A peculiar symptom is the worsening of pain from warmth and relief from applying cold water. Gouty nodosities may also be felt in joints. A well-marked indication for choosing Ledum Pal is ascending pain. Here, the joints in the feet are affected, followed by upward involvement of joints.

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