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Is Clam Chowder Bad For Gout

What Are Fried Clam Strips What’s The Deal With Whole Belly Clams What’s The Difference What’s Better Read On For Everything Fried Clams


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For many in New England, the smell of summer is salty ocean air and even saltier fried seafood. We love fried fish and the occasional pile of fried scallops, but nothing beats the glory of a basket of fried clams. Paired with golden onion rings and a side of tartar sauce, fried clams are the perfect summer vacation treat. Before you can order though, youve got a decision to make will it be clam bellies or clam strips?

Fried clams from The Clam Shack in Falmouth, MA on Cape Cod.

Aimee Tucker

Both are available at every New England clam shack , so last summer, we asked our fans which was better, and got more than 500 passionate replies.

Fried clam bellies are plump and sweet.

Aimee Seavey

As it turns out, our question wasnt much of a question at all. Right up there with the coffee frappe and the top-split New England hot dog bun, New Englanders love whole belly fried clams. Heres a sampling of what we heard.

Libby’s Country Style Sausage Gravy

Per ¼ cup : 70 calories, 6 g fat , 290 mg sodium, 4 g carbs , 2 g protein

We actually weren’t able to find an Eat This!-approved alternative to Libby’s Sausage Gravy because no other brand makes a canned sausage gravy. Maybe it’s because the product is absurdly unhealthy. It’s made from caramel-colored sausage, inflammatory soybean oil, whitening-agent titanium dioxide, artificial flavors, and propyl gallate . PG has been classified as GRAS , but a National Toxicology Program study associated ingestion with tumors in rats. Unfortunately, not much research has been done since that 1982 study, but before we eat anything, we’d like to have ample evidence suggesting an ingredient is safe rather than potentially harmful.

Hormel Chunky Chili With Beans

Per 1 cup : 260 calories, 7 g fat , 1,080 mg sodium, 33 g carbs , 16 g protein

Despite having a relatively clean ingredient list , Hormel’s major error with this chili is its absurdly high sodium content. Too much sodium can have negative effects on blood pressure and water retention, which can make you look wider around the middle. Cut back on the belly-bloating stuff by choosing Hormel’s lower sodium option.

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Other Risks Of Seafood Consumption

Seafood is a simply a dangerous food to eat for so many valid reasons and should be avoided at all costs. It is simply one of the dirtiest foods you can eat and can cause you so many different ailments. I mean the reason lobster is cooked while alive is due to the bacterial problem which takes place immediately upon their death needing to release astaxanthin for it to be safe for you to consume.

Shrimp is a scavenger that thrives off of eating the flesh of dead creatures, so if you like to eat shrimp be aware that you are eating feces as well. You like shellfish? Watch out cause you can be poisoned a bacterial or viral contamination. You must adequately cook it to make sure you dont get sick but is it really worth the risk? Poisoning can also come about from heat-stable toxins derived from the food that the shellfish have been eating. If you suffer from gout, just cross out any type of seafood, I hope to help you avoid any gout flares or triggers for an attack.

This Innovative Method Could Change The Future Of Shellfish Farming

The 8 Best Under The Radar Restaurants In Florida

NutritionA three-ounce serving of steamed clams contains 22 grams protein, 4 grams carbohydrates, and less than 2 grams fat . In addition to 18 milligrams of vitamin C , as well as vitamins A and B12, calcium, potassium, selenium, and zinc, that same portion will yield 24 milligrams of iron âgood to know if youâre at risk for anemia and want to avoid red meat or supplements.

Many people are trying to eat more seafood for the omega-3 fatty acids, which may offer protection against heart disease, possibly stroke, and even autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. Three ounces of steamed clams provide 117 milligrams EPA and 174 DHA. One big plusâespecially for children, and women of child-bearing age or who are pregnantâis that clams are free from high levels of mercury, unlike tuna, say, or many lake fish.

One caveat: If youâre watching your salt intake, you should be aware that clams are naturally high in sodium three ounces contain 1,022 milligrams and 57 milligrams cholesterol.

SustainabilityAccording to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch, âfarmed or hand-harvested clams are a âBest Choiceâ worldwide, since the impact on habitats and other sea life is minimal. Clams harvested with hydraulic dredges are a âGood Alternativeâ because there’s some concern about the impact of this catch method on the seafloor, even when used on a sandy habitat.â

Depending on where you live, hereâs what you may find at your local fish market.

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Chef Boyardee Jumbo Spaghetti & Meatballs

Per 1 cup : 280 calories, 13 g fat , 700 mg sodium, 29 g carbs , 11 g protein

Who knew that spaghetti and meatballs could come with 8 grams of sugar? That’s thanks to Chef Boyardee adding high fructose corn syrup to their sauce. That’s not the only issue we have with this canned food. It gets a significant amount of protein, not from the actual meat used in the meatballs, but from soy protein concentrate. Unlike a protein isolate, protein concentrate contains more of the nutrients found in soy, which could mean it’s more likely to contain traces of the carcinogen-containing pesticides used in genetically-modified soy production. To make matters worse, the meatballs are dyed with caramel color and most of their 13 grams of fat comes from soybean oil.

How To Make Seafood Chowder

Its a good idea to start this recipe by preparing all of the ingredients first. Get all of the veggies and fish chopped up and measure everything out. I usually buy peeled and deveined shrimp, so thats one less step, plus I hate the mess. Heres a quick rundown of the basics:

  • Sauté veggies. While youre finishing up all of the prep work, heat butter in a large pot and once heated sauté onion and fennel in the butter for about 10 minutes. You can totally use celery instead of fennel, but if youve never given fennel a try, you should. Heres a short video from Martha Stewart showing how to cut a fennel bulb.
  • Cook the soup base. Now, add potatoes, carrots, clam juice, water, salt, pepper and thyme to the pot. Bring to a boil reduce heat, cover and simmer until vegetables are just tender, about 10 minutes.
  • Simmer the seafood. Next, add in the cod and shrimp and simmer for another 5 minutes. Once everything is cooked, stir in cream and garnish with fresh parsley.
  • Taste & serve. Adjust seasonings as youd like and serve hot maybe with some crusty bread? Yum!
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    Is Seafood Safe To Eat If You Have Gout

    In this post we will closely examine if seafood like lobster, shrimp, crab, clams, oysters, mussels, scallops are a healthy choice for a gout diet. As always, lets talk a little history beforehand. In the 1800s lobster was known as poor mans food and during that time and before seafood was shunned upon and people were embarrassed to eat it.

    Poor families, servants, children and prisoners usually ate seafood due to its high abundance and easy accessibility for those who lived on the eastern coast like the states of Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. The wealthier people were able to afford healthier meats like cattle and beef but seafood like lobster were seen by the poor as a cheap way to feed hungry mouths, they even had nicknames like Poor Mans Chicken and Scavengers of the Sea.

    It is actually a scavenger because it lives on the bottom of the ocean and eats the waste, yes the poop of other animals even the pollutants that man dumps into the ocean, hence why lobster is also nicknamed the Cockroach of the Ocean. By the late 1800s the industry was thriving and seafood hit the mainstream where it was being served at the fanciest restaurants. Today lobster is one of the most expensive items on the menu and the perception is that seafood is high quality and nutritious food!

    Le Gout New England Clam Chowder

    Smoked Clam Chowder with Celery Root (celeriac) and Scotch Whisky

    This option is slightly different than the others weve shared but still a great option.

    Its a bit on the pricy side but it is one of the highest-rated options on the market for clam chowder.

    This is a condensed soup so it will be creamy and thick with plenty of ingredients but it wont be overly chunky.

    This offers a nice spin on clam chowder in a condensed version. It has a generous allowance of clams in it, which may account for the higher price. The clams and potatoes stand out to make this creamy clam soup.

    You can use this as a stand-alone or pair it with something else to make it heartier. You can even add your own veggies and additions if you want to.

    This is a high-quality option. The calories are reasonable and the sodium is about the same as its competitors.


    • Full of both clams and potatoes
    • Reasonable calories and sodium levels
    • Premium option with premium ingredients
    • Natural flavor and not a ton of additives


    • Problems with some shipped cans being damaged.

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    A Caution About Vegetables

    As good as vegetables are in general, some are high in purines, including asparagus, spinach, cauliflower, peas, and mushrooms. However, high-purine vegetables dont seem to aggravate gout the same way that high-purine animal-based foods do, Sandon says, adding that, as long as its a vegetable source, you can eat it. One further precaution when balancing foods and gout: Some dried beans, particularly fava and garbanzo, are high in purines, and you may find you need to avoid them.

    Wolf Brand Chili With Beans Authentic Texas Recipes

    Per 1 cup : 350 calories, 19 g fat , 920 mg sodium, 28 g carbs , 17 g protein

    Racking up nearly 1,000 milligrams of sodium per measly 1 cup serving and managing to be one of the few soups on the market with any artery-clogging trans fat, Wolf Brand’s chili doesn’t deserve a place in your pantry. Cut back on calories, 12 grams of fat and 4 grams of saturated fat by picking up a similar chili offering from Campbell’s.

    Instead Of Seafood And Shellfish Eat Fish In Moderation

    Seafood and shellfish are high in purine and should be avoided to reduce the risk of gout flare. Some fish, including salmon, sole, tuna, catfish, red snapper, tilapia, flounder, and whitefish are lower in purine than other types of fish, and can be included in your diet in moderation if you are not consuming other purine-rich foods.

    Ingredients In Uricazol Uric Acid Formula

    The dietary supplement Uricazol contains natural ingredients from herbs, trees, and plants.

    CELERY SEEDSThe distinctive taste and smell of celery comes from a substance called 3-n-Butylpthalide . Two clinical studies have shown that celery is beneficial in treating excessive uric acid. A total of 75 people were given celery seed extract daily. Patients reported relief. 3nB inhibits xanthine oxidase an enzyme involved in the production of uric acid.*
    RUTIN is a bioflavonoid found in blackberries, citrus fruits , apricots, and blueberriesand it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Together with Quercetin research suggests it may be effective for health.*
    QUERCETIN This natural bioflavonoid can be found in strawberries, cherries and apples. Laboratory tests have shown that when is combined with Rutin, Quercetin is beneficial in lowering uric acid in blood and inhibiting the xanthine oxidase enzyme. It alsohas powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.*
    NETTLEThis herb is frequently used as a remedy in Germany and clinial studies indicate that it contains active anti-inflammatory compounds. These may reduce minor pain and swelling .*
    BROMELAIN This enzyme, found in pineapples, assists with the digestion of proteins. It may relieve inflammation, tissue swelling, and minor and temporary pain. Blood can move more easily with the reduction of inflammation and this promotes optimal health.*

    Don’t Forget About Clams The Other Sustainable Shellfish

    âMy local fish store usually has lots of clams available. Are they nutritious? Sustainable? And the choices are confusing. Can you give me the rundown?ââJamie Atwood

    Clams, along with oysters, scallops, mussels, and cockles, are bivalve mollusks, meaning that they have two symmetrical shells held together with a ligament and a hinge. Theyâre not only good for you and easy on the environment but sweet-briny in flavor, easy to cook, and versatile. Whatâs not to love?

    Instead Of Meat Try Vegetable Sources Of Protein Or Dairy Products

    All meat, including beef, poultry, and pork, contains purine. Most experts recommend controlling purine intake by consuming no more than six ounces of meat each day if you have gout. If you crave more protein in your diet, try adding nuts and nut butters, soy, or beans to your diet. Low-fat dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt are also great sources of protein that are low in purine.

    Libby’s Vienna Sausage In Chicken Broth

    Per 4 sausages : 170 calories, 15 g fat , 290 mg sodium, 3 g carbs , 6 g protein

    Libby’s definitely does a great job of keeping a low sodium count for their Vienna Sausages, but this can boasts a high calorie and fat count among all the products on the market. Another grievance we have with the brand is that Libby’s uses sodium erythrorbatea preservative that may cause allergic reactions, gout-like symptoms, and kidney stones in a small subsection of the population. To steer clear of this sketchy additive and save yourself some fat-laden calories, go with Armour’s sausages. If you’re looking for waistline-friendly chicken dishes, check out these 35 Healthy Chicken Recipes for Weight Loss.

    Fruit Fructose And Gout

    German Boyfriend Tries LOBSTER ROLL & CLAM CHOWDER in Boston (Massachusetts Street Food)

    Fructose is what gives some fruits their natural sweetness. Researchers report a correlation between foods high in fructose and gout symptoms, which can include chronic pain. These fruits include apples, peaches, pears, plums, grapes, prunes, and dates. Its okay to eat these fruits if you have gout as long as you do so in moderation. Limit yourself to one to two cups per day. More importantly, avoid soda or soft drinks and juices that are sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup. Drink water or real fruit juices instead .

    Blood Sugar Reading After Eating: 149

    This reading was about an hour after I finished the soup. During that hour, I went out for a short walk with my dog, Terry.

    So an increase from 111 149 really isnt too bad! I guess thats what you get from 20g of carbs and zero sugars. The real downside of Condensed Chicken Noodle is the ridiculous amount of sodium that comes with it .

    When I ate that entire can of Creamy Chicken & Dumplings, however, I leaped from 101 232.

    And Manhattan Clam Chowder, sans potatoes, took me from 113 148 , and then 100 119 when I ate another potato-less bowl. Had I not taken the potatoes out , Im pretty sure I would have blown past 200 in a hurry.

    So if Campbells soup is so horrible for diabetes, why do I keep eating it? Because I already had a whole bunch of Campbells soup in my kitchen cabinet before I joined the damn club! And I still have a bunch. I figured I might as well test drive them.

    In the beginning, I really had no idea whether 30g of carbohydrates was a little or a lot. I am now realizing that its kind of a lot. And the sugar content of Chunky Soups certainly doesnt help.

    Condensed Chicken Noodle, with its 20g of carbs and no sugar, doesnt seem to be much of a threat in terms of the beetus . But Ive seen firsthand what Creamy Chicken & Dumplings can do to the blood sugar with 29g/3g, and its not good.

    So how much would Chicken Corn Chowders 47g of carbs and 7g of sugars blow up my glucose? Id rather not find out!

    What To Serve With Seafood Chowder

    When I serve this chowder recipe, I like to keep the sides simple because seafood chowder is pretty much a complete meal it has plenty of protein , loads of veggies, and carbs.

    Our favorite way to eat seafood chowder is with some good crusty sourdough bread for dunking into the soup, or with a few crackers crushed on top. You could also pair it with a fresh green salad on the side. For the salad, simply toss mixed greens with lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. Feel free to add toppings to your salad such as red onion, cherry tomatoes, and/or croutons.

    You can add bacon on top of the chowder, if you want to add a little something extra. Its going to be fantastic however you enjoy it!

    Best Clam Chowders In A Can Of 2021

    Clam chowder is a classic American soup that takes a bit of culinary skill to make. There are several different ways to make clam chowder and all of them are ultimately creamy, flavorful, and delicious!

    We love to make our own but sometimes you just need a quick solution for a last-minute meal that you can heat up and eat as fast as you can say it.

    One great way to enjoy clam chowder is straight out of a can!

    Buying canned anything can be challenging because you want to know that your choice will taste great and not be completely unhealthy in the end.

    What is the best clam chowder in a can? The best canned clam chowders have a rich flavor and creamy texture and taste like homemade clam chowder. Look for options that balance sodium and preservatives with other flavors and ingredients.

    In this guide, we will share with you our top 5 picks for the best clam chowder in a can. We found some really great options and were excited to share them with you so you can stock up your pantry and have yummy clam chowder on hand in your pantry.

    Keep reading to learn the 5 best clam chowders in a can!

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