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How Do Cherries Help Gout

Thousands Of People Are Now Gout

Cherries for Gout

No meds, doctors or procedures three years of pain gone in weeks

I used to have gout.

The attacks came just about every month and they were simply awful.

Now, I havent had an attack for more than 2 years. I dont think Ill ever have another one ever again.

At their worst those attacks were disabling. I couldnt move, I couldnt go to work.

I was literally unable to get up because even the slightest movement of the affected area was beyond unbearable.

I couldnt sleep properly with bedclothes which, in cooler weather, meant turning the heating up in the house.

Not comfortable for my wife, not good for our energy bills.

What Did The Research Involve

The research took 12 healthy volunteers and gave them two different volumes of concentrated cherry juice mixed with water, to see what effect this had on measures of uric acid activity and inflammation up to 48 hours later both of which are biological measures indirectly related to gout.

None of the volunteers actually had a history of gout.

In an effort to reduce other dietary sources of anthocyanins , participants were requested to follow a low-polyphenolic diet by avoiding fruits, vegetables, tea, coffee, alcohol, chocolate, cereals, wholemeal bread, grains and spices for 48 hours prior to, and throughout each arm of the trial. Food diaries were completed for 48 hours before, and throughout, the testing phase to assess the diet for compliance.

Participants were required to attend the start of each phase of the study at 9am, following a 10-hour overnight fast to account for diurnal variation. Each phase was comprised of two days supplementation with cherry concentrate. One supplement was taken immediately following a morning blood and urine sample, and a second consumed prior to each evening meal.

Multiple supplements were administered to identify any cumulative effects. The length of the supplementation phase was chosen due to the short period of time in which anthocyanins are metabolised.

Studieson The Juice And Gouty Arthritis

As per astudy from 2011, 100% sour cherry juice considerably lowered the gout-inducing substancelevels in those who consumed around 240 milliliters of it for 30 consecutivedays.

Besides thebeverage, cherry juice extract is also potentially beneficial for goutyarthritis patients.

A pilotstudy from 2012 discovered that the extract reduced the acidic substanceslevels in the human body. A part of this study found the extract more effectivein reducing the acid levels as compared to pomegranate concentrate. Aretrospective part of it discovered that the extract mitigated gout attacksconsiderably when the participants drank it for 4 or more months.

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Cherries Can Lessen Osteoarthritis Symptoms

If you suffer from another form of arthritis called osteoarthritis, cherries can also help. Like gout, cherries can help reduce the pain and inflammation you feel from having this condition. In one study, they found that patients who drank cherry juice for three weeks had reduced their pain symptoms and they also experienced less inflammation.

How Tart Cherry Extract Provides Relief

Eat Cherries to Help Reduce Gout Attacks and Arthritis Inflammation in ...

For those suffering from gout, you may find relief with the power of tart cherries . In fact, studies suggest that about 25% of people with gout use these and want to avoid problems with pharmaceuticals. Tart cherries have been noted for their aid in alleviating symptoms of gout thanks to their rich antioxidant content and anti-inflammatory powers.

These small fruits help to alleviate inflammation, a key element of a gout attack.

Scientists believe that part of the reason cherries might work is that they increase the excretion of urate and also limit the production of uric acid in the liver. The abundant urate crystals in those with gout stimulate the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines.

Cherry counteracts this problem and also protects the body and joints by providing good antioxidant coverage. This is an excellent non pharmacological option for the treatment of many of the problems associated with gout.

Tart cherries have many phytochemicals that help, but cyanidin is the most prevalent compound. These nutrient-rich cherries help to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in the body and may even help to offset the effect of gout on the bones and joints.

Reach for a bowl of fresh Montmorency cherries, a glass of sugar-free tart cherry juice, or a tart cherry supplement to stay on top of your symptoms. Tart cherries are not just for good gout but also insomnia, muscle pain, and over-exertion, and they offer an excellent way to help the body recover.

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Managing A Gout Flare

Gout flares are unexpected and painful heres how to get a handle on them.

Few things in life are more painful than a gout flare, so if youre awakened in the wee hours by a joint that is tender, swollen, red and radiating heat, youll want to act fast. Heres what you can do when a gout flare starts to ease the pain and reduce the risk of others.

Take Medicine You Have on Hand. Start treatment immediately with over-the-counter ibuprofen or naproxen , but never take aspirin, which can worsen a flare. If you have had a flare before and your doctor has prescribed an anti-inflammatory medication to take in the event of another, take your prescribed medication as your doctor directed. If you are already taking a uric acid-lowering drug to reduce the risk of flares, continue to take that drug.

Ice Down. Applying an ice pack to the painful joint may help ease pain and inflammation. Wrap a pack in a dish cloth and apply to the area for 20- to 30-minutes at a stretch several times a day.

Let your doctor know what is going on right away. She may prescribe a new medication, or have you come to the office for a joint fluid test or an injection of a corticosteroid to start relieving inflammation quickly. Getting treatment within the first 24 hours of the start of a flare can lessen its length and severity.

Get a Cane. Walking with a cane during an acute gou flare can help keep pressure off your painful joint.

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Why Cherries Could Be The Secret To Relieving Gout

While the festive season is a time of joy and excitement for many, for gout sufferers, it can signal one of the most painful times of year. From indulgent roasts and Christmas puddings to rich wines and summer cocktails, many gout sufferers find themselves prone to more regular attacks. Thankfully, this doesnât have to be the case.

With around 110,000 thousand Kiwis suffering from gout , New Zealand has earned the unfortunate title of the âgout capital of the world,â according to Associate Professor Dr Nicola Dalbeth of the University of Auckland.

In fact, gout is so prevalent in our country that itâs become the second most-common form of arthritis. Caused by sodium urate crystals forming in and around joints , gout produces symptoms like sudden, severe pain in the joint, swelling and redness. Men are three times more likely than women to suffer from gout and up to 15 per cent of Maori and Pasifika men have gout compared with fewer than five per cent of Pakeha men.

So, you may be wondering, where do cherries come in? Well, one of the best ways to manage gout attacks is to reduce the levels of uric acid in the blood and remove it from the body, and cherries were found to do just that by a 2014 study from Northumbria University.

Thankfully, in addition to increasing your cherry intake, there are a number of gout-friendly food swaps you can make to ensure you donât have to miss out on one of the best parts of the festive season â eating and drinking.


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How To Consume Cherries

Now the biggest question of them all. How should you consume cherries? The best option is to eat them fresh. Of course, this isnt always possible, so dried cherries are a great alternative as well. In essence, any form of cherries is beneficial and should be taken into consideration. You can also drink cherry juice or use the powder made out of this fruit. The amount isnt specifically determined, but as I have mentioned there is no limit.

One of more specific matters, I must explain is how to use cherries to treat a gout flare up. First of all, it is possible and you should try this method. I tried it several times and it actually worked. The first thing you should know is that during the gout attack, you should consume cherries. It is ideal if you can eat 20-30 of them at once and then make a break. Wait for one hour and then eat the same amount again. Do this several times during the attack and you will notice the improvement. Sadly it isnt the quickest alternative out there, but it is one of the safest and one that actually works.

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Cherry Juice For Gout

Is Cherry Juice Good for Gout ? Use Tart Cherry for Gout Pain Relief.

Gout is a chronic form of inflammatory arthritis caused by the build-up of uric acid crystals in the joints and tissues , causing severe pain, redness, and tenderness. Traditional treatment often includes medications, self-care, as well as avoiding trigger foods.

With the small number of participants in these few studies and the short-term follow-up, along with the mixed results, larger long-term studies are warranted to clarify the effects of tart cherry juice in people with gout.

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How Did The Researchers Interpret The Results

The researchers said, These data show that MC impacts upon the activity of uric acid and lowers hsCRP, previously proposed to be useful in managing conditions such as gouty arthritis the findings suggest that changes in the observed variables are independent of the dose provided.

They also said, these results provide rationale for the use of Montmorency cherry concentrate as an adjuvant therapy to NSAIDs in the treatment of gouty arthritis .

Natural Remedies For Gout

Studies show that many of the dietary items we consume lead to gout as well as other health problems. Changing your diet and lifestyle may be the easy solution to beating gout. One of the first things to do is eliminate certain foods and beverages from your diet to beat gout.

Now here are my top six all-natural gout remedies to get rid of gout for good. If you follow these tips, you can get rid of gout in 24 hours or less. Yes, that fast, you can get rid of gout pain for good.

1. Celery Seed Extract

Step No. 1 is to consume celery seed extract and celery juice. Celery seed extract actually has been shown to decrease uric acid buildup in the body.

Researchers have identified over a dozen different types of antioxidants that are responsible for the benefits of celery these include such phenolic acids as caffeic acid and ferulic acid, plus flavaols like quecetin. This makes celery useful for treating a wide range of conditions that are made worse by inflammation: joint pain , gout, kidney and liver infections, skin disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, and urinary tract infections, just to name a few.

You can buy the supplement or celery seed extract. You can also use a vegetable juicer to produce celery juice or just eat celery throughout the day all of which are great for getting rid of gout.

2. Black Cherry Juice

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Reach And Maintain A Healthy Weight

Tips for weight loss:

  • Eat less fatty and high sugar foods.
  • Small meals eaten at regular times are best avoid eating large meals or going for many hours without eating.
  • Eat a sensible breakfast, every day .
  • Remember to drink plenty of fluids, at least 8 glasses per day if possible.
  • Avoid fizzy drinks .
  • Regular exercise, such as a brisk walk for 30 minutes five times a week, will reduce your weight and have other good effects on your heart, blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Can Cherry Juice Help With Gout Attack Or It Can Help Prevent Only

Eating cherries can help prevent gout â

Cherry juice is an excellent supplement for providing gout relief and prevention. The combination of anthocyanins and vitamin C available in cherry juice gives the body relief from inflammation as well as prevents inflammation. Additionally, the vitamin C found in cherry juice can help make uric acid more soluble allowing it to be easily filtered out of your body.

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Data Sources And Search Methods

The search process was extended by perusing the reference section of all relevant studies and manually searching through the abstracts of key journals and papers published at major annual meetings. The search terms included the following: AND AND . We also checked the reference list of screening studies to identify other similar studies. The search strategy excluding manual search methods is shown in Table 1. This study was based on guidelines outlined in the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses .

Search strategy in PubMed up till August 15, 2019 .

1 OR 2 OR 3 OR 4
6 OR 7 OR 8

Side Effects Of Cherries For Gout

If your body is not used to eating a lot of fruit and you suddenly eat an entire can of cherries, your gut may be quite surprised. There is a possibility of bloating, gas, loose stools, and stomach cramps with a sudden change in the amount of fruit that you consume.

Keep reading to see how successful cherries have been for our readers and let us know if this home remedy worked for you.

My mother, husband and next door neighbor have all had very good results when taking black cherry 100% juice concentrate for gout. I usually purchase the Vitamin Shoppe brand but it is available at other stores. I’ve always used the serving size on the bottle. For the VS brand the serving is 2 tablespoons. I put it in a glass of water and add a pack of Stevia or some other sweetener . I usually give it 2 times a day, morning and evening.

Each of the people, that I know, who took black cherry juice, saw significant relief in 24 hours. I don’t think cherry juice would present a problem for most people but, as with anything, people have different constitutions, allergies, health considerations, etc. and each person needs to take those things into consideration. Best of luck to all.


For gout, I drink organic dark cherry juice. It works for me. One glass, 20 ounces, a day. Of course, I have changed my diet, little or no Shellfish, and a lot of chicken and fish, tuna and salmon. Thanks for your recommendations for the home remedies.


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Fresh Cherries Cherry Juice Or Cherry Concentrate For Gout

What are the best cherry varieties for gout: sweet, sour, red, yellow or black cherries? What is the best cherry juice for gout? Are the fruits better than the juice? What about juice from concentrate or cherry extract? These are all valid questions to ask yourself if you are considering cherries or cherry juice for gout management.

Of all the studies performed up until this point, its clear that cherries as well as their byproducts have real benefits for gout, both short and long-term.

But more research is needed to determine if the fresh fruit, fruit juice, juice from concentrate or extract is better and what intake produces the best results.

The only thing that can be said for certain right now is that cherries in general are a healthy fruit and a good food option for a healthy diet. Their nutritional makeup and biologically active components profile hold benefits for inflammatory conditions such as gout.

One thing to consider though: both the fruit pulp and skin are sources of benefits for gout so its a good idea to not discard the cherry skin because it would cause you to lose important antioxidant components that would help in the fight against gout.

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The Science Behind The Cherry With More

Are Cherries Healthy? The Nutrition Benefits of a Cherry and Gout Remedy Facts

People are becoming more and more aware of what they are eating paying close attention to the health benefits of their food and how they can heal or prevent diseases with the food they are consuming. Enter, Montmorency Tart Cherries.

Although small in size, each cherry encloses many antioxidants that help rid the body of damaging free radicals.

There are over 50 clinical studies exploring the potential benefits of the Montmorency varietal, ranging from inflammation relief and exercise recovery to improved sleep. Montmorency tart cherries are abundant in anthocyanins – a natural compound that contributes to the ruby-red color and distinctive sour-sweet taste. Continued research has shown that the tart taste is an indication of the level of anthocyanins inside each cherry. These flavonoid compounds are behind the tart flavor, bright red color and the health promoting properties.

With millions of Americans looking for ways to naturally manage pain, it’s promising that Montmorency tart cherries can help, without the possible side effects often associated with arthritis medications. I’m intrigued by the potential for a real food to offer such a powerful anti-inflammatory benefit – especially for active adults.

Kerry Kuehl, MD, DrPH, Oregon Health & Science University

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Eating Cherries ‘could Cut Gout’

Eating cherries can reduce the risk of gout attacks, a study has suggested.

US researchers found patients with gout who ate cherries over a two-day period had a 35% lower risk of attacks compared to those who did not.

The study in Arthritis & Rheumatism said cherries contain anthocyanins, antioxidants which contain anti-inflammatory properties.

UK experts said the research offered “good evidence” of the benefits of eating cherries for people with gout.

Gout is a common type of arthritis that can cause sudden and very severe attacks of pain and swelling in the joints, particularly in the feet.

It is caused by too much uric acid in the bloodstream, which causes urate crystals to start to form in and around the joints and under the skin.

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