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Homeopathic Remedy For Gout Pain

Effective Homeopathic Remedies For Treatment Of Gout

NATURAL GOUT REMEDIES VIDEO – Stop gout pain and symptoms now! All natural remedy and treatment.

Now effective medicines are used to treat and relieve from gout pain. These Homeopathic remedies do not offer side effects, some details of these medicines are given below:

  • Colchicum: This homeopathy medicine is the primary homeopathic medicine for treating gout because of its effectiveness. It is mostly used in chronic cases of gout. Usually, a patient experiences extreme pain in the big toe, which is too intense to be touched. The toe and other parts that get affected become swollen, red, and hot. The pain worsens in the evening and at night. Patients who require this medicine should keep away from warm weather conditions. This medicine is also used in case of increased weakness and internal cold.
  • Ledum Pal: This effective homeopathic medicine is used in cases where the pain travels in an upwards direction from below. The pain is likely to start at the feet and gradually move upwards, affecting the knees and legs. The pain also shoots through limbs. Small joints are commonly affected. There is a sensation of decreased warmth in the joints and in the body. The patient will find it difficult to tolerate any kind of external warmth. The pain improves by cold applications. The ankle balls or big toe may be swollen.
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    Homeopathic Medicines For Foot Pain

    Homeopathic medicines recommended for foot pain are Rhus Tox, Colchicum and Aranea Diadema. Rhus Tox is best indicated where repeated stress and strain leads to pain in the foot. Colchicum is a wonderful medicine for gouty pain in the foot, while in case of pain due to bone spurs, Aranea Diadema works as one of the best Homeopathic medicines for foot pain.

    Homeopathic Mode Of Treatment In Gout

    The Homeopathic mode is very effective for the treatment of acute as well as chronic Gout. The natural Homeopathic remedies help to reduce the high uric acid levels by working towards elimination and preventing accumulation. Alongside, the Homeopathic medicines provide relief from the symptoms. Even in cases where nodes have formed over the joint from prolonged elevated uric acid levels, Homeopathy offers great help. The natural remedies are also very beneficial when kidney stones get formed from high uric acid levels.

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    Benzoicum Acidum For Gout Affecting Knee Joint

    Benzoicum Acidum is a medicine for gout that affects the knee joint. The joint is swollen and painful, and there is a cracking in the joint with movement. In some cases, nodes from the deposits of urate crystals may be present on the knees. Benzoicum Acidum also works well in cases of knee pain worsening from taking wine.

    Signs And Symptoms Of Gout

    A Gout Home Remedy that Will Give You Serious Pain Relief ...

    Gout develops in four stages asymptomatic, acute, inter-critical, and chronic. Assessment findings vary with the stage. In asymptomatic gout, serum urate levels rise.

    The first attack of acute gout is extremely painful, peaks quickly, and generally involves only one or a few joints that become hot, tender, inflamed, and appear dusky-red or cyanotic. The metatarsophalangeal joint of the great toe usually becomes inflamed first, followed by the instep, ankle, heel, knee, or wrist joints. Sometimes, a low-grade fever is present. If the attack is mild, symptoms may subside quickly but recur at regular intervals if severe, symptoms may persist for days or weeks.

    Inter-critical periods are the symptom-free intervals between gout attacks. Most patients have a second attack within 6 months to 2 years, but in some the second attack doesnt occur for 5 to 10 years. Delayed attacks are more common in untreated patients and tend to be longer and more severe than initial attacks. Such attacks are also polyarticular, invariably affecting joints in the feet and legs and sometimes accompanied by fever.

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    Top 2 Homeopathic Medicines For Gout With Nodes Formation

    Lithium Carb and Benzoic Acid are the best natural Homeopathic medicines for elevated uric acid levels with gouty node formation around the joints. Here, Lithium Carb is more suited to nodes over small joints, while Benzoic Acid is most effective for gouty nodes around the large joints. The indicating features for the use of Benzoic Acid are hard, painful nodes over large joints, mainly the knee, stitching/tearing pains in joints, and cracking in joints on motion. The pain may get worse at night. Highly offensive urine may also appear with these joint symptoms. The symptoms for selecting Lithium Carb are tophi/nodes over small joints, mainly toes and fingers and swelling, pain and tenderness over the affected joint. Relief of joint pain from warm applications is a peculiar symptom for using Lithium Carb.

    Natural Home Remedies For Gout

    People with gout are increasingly looking for natural home remedies for gout. So, if youre in that group, here are ten of the most popular and effective.

    But first, please take a couple of minutes to listen to gout specialist, the excellent Dr. Edwards

    To summarize:

    Note: Dr. Edwards spoke about the links between obesity, alcohol and gout and explained that not all people who are obese or who drink to excess have gout.

    However, studies have shown that obesity and alcohol are high risk factors for gout. So although some people who are obese, or who drink to excess, may not have gout now, nevertheless they are still at a higher risk of gout at some point in their lives compared with those who are not obese and who dont drink to excess.

    For me, the two main takeaways from Dr. Edwards very informative video are:

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    Homeopathic Remedy For Back Pain

    If you have upper, middle or lower back pain then there is a good topical Homeopathic Remedy for Back Pain Relief cream to relieve your back pain and avoid surgery and dangerous procedures. It includes common herbs used in homeopathy along with specific amino acids and essential oils that help with nerve pain as well. It is treated using red light therapy and it really works well for arthritis and joint pain. It is called Mind Body Matrix and is fast acting with natural healing ingredients.

    If youve had chronic back pain you will want to look at natural ways to re-train your muscles and connective tissues to take pressure off your spinal column and discs. There are specific stretches and exercises that can restore proper balance so you actually heal and dont have to rely on medicines for pain relief. See: Lose the Back Pain Guide.

    Some Home Remedies For Gout

    Medicine For Gout – Home Remedy To Stop Gout Attacks
    • Try apple cider vinegar Helping to make the body more alkaline, apple cider vinegar has become a well-known proven solution for countless ailments, including gout. Try mixing 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 8 ounces of water. You can either drink it in one sitting or sip on it over time try both methods and see which is more effective. This solution can reduce pain by 90% within a day or two. Note: Be sure to use organic apple cider vinegar with the mother.
    • Baking Soda Among other home remedies for gout is the use of baking soda. Mixing baking soda in water can effectively relieve pain almost instantly, though it may take 1-2 days. Mix 1/2 teaspoon baking soda in 8 oz. of water and drink it in one sitting. You may need to repeat this a few times a day, taking as much as 3 teaspoons total. Reduce the dose as the pain goes away. Note: The maximum recommended dose is 4 teaspoons throughout the day. Lastly, use caution if you suffer from hypertension, as baking soda may raise blood pressure when taken in larger amounts.
    • Eliminate sugar and soda Whether its caffeinated or not, drinking two sodas each day can increase your risk of gout by a whopping 85%! Why? Sugar! Reduce sugar intake dramatically and risk of experiencing gout will dramatically drop.
    • Hydrate Drink plenty of water. This will help flush out the excess uric acid.
    • Reduce alcohol consumption Alcohol dehydrates the body and could raise uric acid levels in the blood.
    • Reduce caffeine intake.

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    Additional Tips For Treating Gout Naturally

    Studies show that many of the dietary items we consume lead to gout as well as other health problems. Changing your diet and lifestyle may be the easy solution to beating gout. One of the first things to do is eliminate certain foods and beverages from your diet to beat gout.

    1. Eliminate or reduce sugar intake

    As many studies are now illustrating, gout is common in people with excessive sugar intake, especially high fructose corn syrup Its wise to read the labels of all your food and drinks. If you find HFCS then eliminate that from your diet. In addition, look for sugar added under the guise of other common names for sugar look for cose at the end of words and these are probably types of sugar you dont want to be consuming.

    2. Eliminate grains

    Grains in the body are converted to sugars so again you want to limit or avoid grains altogether. They are also very inflammatory to your body.

    3. Limit alcohol consumption

    Again, alcohol becomes sugar once ingested so eliminate this completely unless you have a healthy body already. Any substance that will be converted to one or another type of sugar by the body should be avoided at all costs. In order to get your uric acid levels down you must consistently avoid sugar in your diet.

    4. Eliminate soda and diet soda

    5. Consume cherries and strawberries daily

    6. Exercise

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    What Are The Symptoms Of Gout

    • Warmth, pain, swelling, and extreme tenderness in a joint, usually a joint. This symptom is called Podagra. The pain often starts during the night. It may get worse quickly, last for hours, and be so intense that even light pressure from a sheet is intolerable.
    • Very red or purplish skin around the affected joint. The joint may appear to be infected.
    • Limited movement in the affected joint.
    • Peeling and itching of the skin around the affected joint as the gout gets better.
    • Some people may not experience gout as many painful attacks. Instead, they have gout nearly all the time . Chronic gout in older adults may be less painful and can be confused with other forms of arthritis.
    • Gout may lead to inflammation of the fluid sacs that cushion tissues, particularly in the elbow and knee .
    • Gout can also affect the joints of the feet, ankles, knees, wrists, fingers, and elbows.
    • Symptoms may occur after an illness or surgery.
    • Gout may first appear as nodules on the hands, elbows, or ears. You may not have any of the classic symptoms of a gout attack.

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    How To Reduce Uric Acid In Homeopathy

    Homeopathy can help reduce uric acid. We have reduced Uric Acid and cured Gout in more than 7500 patients in the last 10 years with our CUREplus Homeopathy treatment for Gout. The most common Homeopathy medicines for Gout and to reduce Uric Acid in our practice are Ant.crud.,Ars.,Ars.i.,Berb-aqua.,Caps.,Dulc.,merc.,Rhus t.,Sulph.,Thuj.

    Meet our experts today to know more about the Gout treatment and how you too can live a pain-free life after Welling Homeopathy treatment for Gout.

    Drink Tart Cherry Juice

    23 Home Remedies for Gout that Really Work

    Cherries are rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Both sweet and tart cherries have been studied for their many health benefits.

    Tart cherries, specifically, carry more beneficial compounds for the management and prevention of gout due to their phenolic antioxidant compounds. Research has shown that supplementing with tart cherry juice may help reduce the risk of gout attacks.

    However, more research is needed to determine the effectiveness of this remedy. If you would like to try adding tart-cherry juice to your nutrition plan, aim for two 8-ounce glasses of tart cherry juice daily.

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    Home Remedies For Gout

    Because of the rise in health care costs and the popular inclination to try natural home remedies to prevent the need for prescription drugs and surgeries, many people are turning toward alternative remedies to treat gout. A number of these home remedies have been acknowledged for treating gout. But, are they effective or not? We will present a number of them below and discuss their likelihood of success.

    1. Apple Cider Vinegar

    Apple cider vinegar is used to treat gout because its acidity relieves the acute pain associated with gout and other types of arthritis. The vinegar increases the bodys alkalinity and has anti-inflammatory properties. Some individuals also add honey to the apple cider vinegar because of honeys anti-inflammatory properties.

    The bad news is that you take the concoction by the spoonful, and apple cider vinegar isnt exactly known for its amazing taste. To be most effective, you need to take up to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar three times a day. Scientific results are lacking in evidence that apple cider vinegar really works. There was a study in Japan in 2010 which looked at different diets to improve alkalization of urine to increase the removal of uric acid from the body. Apple cider vinegar was in one of the diets, but was not tested alone.

    Success stories are hit or miss with apple cider vinegar and the treatment of gout. We give it two stars.

    2. Ginger Root

    3. Baking Soda

    4. Lemon Juice

    5. Epsom Salt

    6. Cherries

    7. Bananas

    Drink Plenty Fluids / Water

    This is perhaps the most important home remedy for gout because its more difficult for urate crystals to precipitate out of uric acid in a well-hydrated body.

    And drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day helps your kidneys to flush-out excess uric acid more easily.

    So, drinking sufficient fluids not only helps to excrete excess uric acid more efficiently, it also helps to prevent future gout flares.

    Finally, drinking plenty of fluids helps to reduce the risk of painful kidney stones and kidney infections.

    The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends 2 to 4 liters of fluid per day, with at least half of that amount being water. But avoid alcohol because it dehydrates the body and is a well known trigger for gout.

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    Cherries Or Tart Cherry Juice

    According to a , cherries whether sour, sweet, red, black, in extract form, as a juice, or raw are a very popular and potentially successful home remedy for many.

    One 2012 study and another that same year also suggest cherries may work to prevent gout attacks.

    This research recommends three servings of any cherry form over a two-day period, which was considered the most effective.

    Homeopathy Treatment For Gout Arthritis

    8 Natural Remedies to Get Relief from Gout Pain

    What is Gout?

    A Gout is an inflammatory form of arthritis wherein people face swelling and severe pain in their joints including elbows, thumbs, fingers, knees and ankles, especially in the big toe. Symptoms like redness, warmth and tenderness around joints are results of abnormal metabolism of Uric acid. This may be due to two conditions like the excess production of uric acid or failure of kidneys in removing uric acid from the body in the form of urine. This excess build-up of Uric acid in our body takes the form of crystals and collects in and around joints. Gout is more common in men than in women. Women mostly face Gout after menopause. Gout is a type of arthritis which can be prevented if treated in the early stages.

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    Benzoic Acid Best Homeopathic Medicine For Gout Affecting Knees And Wrist

    In the Gout of knees and wrist, there is intense swelling over the affected joint, cracking on motion and unbearable pain. The pain can be of any character but tearing or stitching pains predominate. Night aggravation of symptoms may also be noted. Painful nodes and concretions along the joints from high uric acid is yet another indication for using Benzoic Acid. There is a characteristic symptom that is unique in indicating the use of Benzoic Acid for Gout treatment: dark urine of highly offensive and repulsive odour.

    Symptoms Of Gout Or High Uric Acid

    The most characteristic symptom of gout is Podagra. It is the presence of inflammation or heat, redness and swelling of a joint.

    • In most cases of gout, the big toe of the foot is the one to be involved.
    • In some cases, other joints like ankles, knees, hands and wrists may also be involved.
    • The pain may be quite severe and shooting in character. The affected joint is tender and the patient just cannot bear it to be touched.
    • There may be some itching of the affected part too. This is more likely to occur when the initial inflammation is coming to an end.
    • In some patients, small nodules are formed in the joints. These nodules are called tophi.

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